28 Days of SELFISH.

female cycle syncing and Human Design with Nicola Cloherty

If you have had enough of giving more and more to everyone around you, and you just want 10 sweet and personal minutes to yourself, keep reading!

I'm excited to share something beautiful with you that I believe can transform how you connect with yourself and create space that is #UnapologeticallySelfish for the last month of 2020.

I know that energy is worth more than time...


Every womxn deserves to give themselves something that will make every part of their life - work, family, relationships, love, health - feel that bit sweeter and harmonious, by honouring her energy FIRST!

So, I created 28 Days of SELFISH - whereby I  drop into your inbox to share something that is outright SELFISH.
Something for you to try on.
Like a dress hanging in the shop window screaming your name.
See if you like it. It will take only 10 minutes from your day. That's it!

A daily drop of selfishness into your Inbox for a euro a day.

WHAT: 28 daily nuggets of loving guidance, with a little exercise (no more than 10 mins)

HOW: Delivered to your Inbox via Email

WHEN: Every morning once you start (no fixed date) - away from the distraction of social media - whoop!

Sample my SELFISH. System of self-awareness, self-connection, self-nourishment, self-care and self-love. Walk away with knowledge, practices, and tools to use beyond our 28 days together. 

All of this for just €1 a day (€28 big ones in total) 

I don't even know what you can buy for a euro nowadays?! 

Not even 100 penny sweets. Ohhhh, those were the days!

And, if you're feeling bloody generous, why not gift this to a beautiful friend, too?
They'll love you for it!

Get 28 Days fo SELFISH. for just €28

Human Design Reading with Nicola Cloheryt

Nicola Cloherty - mentor and guide for women and menstrual cycles

It's all well and good knowing the information, but implementation and accountability to truly live by your Human Design and in partnership with your female body and biology is imperative.

In order to integrate and embody this, I offer a three-month 1:1 mentorship so you can live and thrive as your soul intended, with true happiness and joy in your heart. I use a bunch of tools and modalities - such as reflecting upon your own personal timeline, unpicking and diving deeper into your unique Human Design, and connecting with that womb wisdom, to live in-sync with who they truly are and become #UnapologeticallySelfish

 Apply to '(Un)Selfishly You Three-Month Mentorship.

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