I have learned so much through books, courses, incredible humans, mentorship, products, and my own soul and personal experiences. I wanted to share some of these with you, and give you the opportunity to dive deeper!

These are all recommendations based on what I have tried/studied/read/used/recommend and LOVE!

Business & Marketing Musts 

 COHERE is my platform of choice to run my business. You can get started for free (who doesn't love that!), set up and share your services and easily sell, deliver and scale your services via it - creating communities, have clients book sessions, host live workshops, share info/docs with your clients in their own portal. It is GREAT! Get 25% off by using the code NICOLA.

For email marketing, I used FloDesk and I LOVE IT! I make forms, emails, use checkouts & manage segments. The design of the emails and templates are so pretty, as well as functional. You can get 50% off for A YEAR - which is $19 - when you subscribe.

I use Wise to get moolah from countries overseas. It saves me way more money than PayPal and I can set up multiple country accounts to make it a smoother payment process for my clients!

I use Grammarly to support my content creation! While I love words, and grammar, I need help and LOVE this tool. Get your first month for free!

To keep my Apple products spick and span, I use CleanMyMac - get 50% off when you sign up!

I love and adore Canva - I use it to plan and create my content for social media, as well as make stuff for marketing and comms clients. There is a fab free version, but the paid version is 100% worthwhile!

ThriveCart helps you grow your income & convert in your online business. Save $1500 today and get lifetime access.

My business support team - The Champagne Collective aka 'the girls who get shit done - are an epic collective of virtual assistance and business management magicians. When you get in touch, tell them Nicola sent you!

Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Advocacy 

Hana Ilg from Chart Your Cycle is responsible for getting me on my cycle syncing path back in 2017 and one of my fave humans! I am eternally grateful to her, her friendship and her work in the world. She has created courses to help women connect with their cycle, and achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. I took her course and learned to chart, and now, I share her magic with every woman I meet. You can get 10% off when you use the code NICOLA at checkout.

Products I use and love!

Healy is a frequency device that can shift your energy and support you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Essential oils have become a popular natural solution for many people. But you have to be mindful of the quality and purity. That is why I only trust the world's most tested and trusted—doTERRA. Get 25% off retail when you create your own account—drop-shipped to your door.

Wild - deodorant, powered by plants, no aluminium-salt, parabens or sulphites - certified B-corp, no single-use plastic and compostable refills, this deodorant (and I have tried A LOT!) ticks all of the boxes. Get 20% off via this link or using CLOHERTY at checkout.

All Matters menstrual cup is my menstrual cup of choice since 2019. The impact on the planet and your pocket is so incredible! In two years, you save 528 pads/tampons being used. Incredible!

UpCircle Beauty - Another B-Corp - eco-friendly eye cream, face moisturiser, face toner and serum, body scrub, and more. View our range of natural, sustainable skincare products for all skin types. Save 10% on using code NICOLA32579

DISCLAIMER: Please note, some of what I share above are affiliate and advocate links, by which I receive a small commission, if you choose to purchase via the link shared.

I only share and advocate for things that I really love and give a hoot about, and that have been of great benefit to me!
I truly believe in the power of recommendation, and hope you find just as much joy from these things as I have.

The SELFISH Podcast with Nicola Cloherty

SELFISH. is a podcast all about self-awareness, self-connection, self-nourishment, self-care and and self-love for ourselves, and then others. It also includes WomenWho Birth talk series with some INCREDIBLE WOMEN.

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For me, nothing makes my heart more full than empowering others to live a life of their choosing - with love, harmony, the odd f-bomb and a bountiful tool box to help them do so .”