Essential Oils – Definitely Not a Fad!

Essential Oils - Definitely Not a Fad!

It's been over three years with doTERRA 

I have spent over three years living my life a little differently than I once did - just for the record, I am not holier than thou - I love a glass or two of plonk and a generous slice of 'moist' (the only time you can use the 'M' work is when referring to cake!!) carrot cake - but I have chosen balance, empowered and low-tox living.

It’s funny how the universe/source/spirit/god/intuition - whatever you wanna call it - works.

Stuff can keep knocking on your door and you can ignore it, AmIRight?? doTERRA kept on showing up in mine. *bang bang*

1. When I ran UPMARKET, in Wellington, someone gave me a sample of Wild Orange 

2. I kept seeing articles, research and info about essential oils online

3. I then learned it was Network/Referral Marketing and I was like HELL NO!

4. I then saw someone share a post by Nicole Joy and so I emailed her to find out more

5. I talked to Nicole about the oils and their uses and benefits but waited a little bit longer (oh, how I wish I hadn’t)


7. I hadn’t even smelled or experienced the oils, but I jumped in and grabbed my the Home Essentials Kit​​​​ in Nov 2016 and haven’t looked back since

8. I then found said a mini bottle of Wild Orange given to me in Wellington, NZ when we moved into our flat, in Dec 2016, AFTER I bought my starter kit

9. Europe’s 2017 Convention happened to be in Amsterdam and I went and fell even more in love

10. How can I not sell a product that changes peoples’ lives?

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!!! I opened the door, my heart and life to these little bottles of liquid gold.

What started off as physical support has turned into a complete lifestyle change for me and my family! I especially love the emotional and hormonal support. Winning!

Having Hunter (my bonus son) in my life really opened my eyes to all of the things that we are exposed to. When you see a child who is helpless and needs caring for, you see through new eyes. It also made me WAY more conscious of quality and purity, that’s why I chose doTERRA because they are the world’s most tested and trusted essential oils on the market - 95% of the rest out there are adulterated. 95%!!!!! 


I started sharing doTERRA July 2017, with a desire to build a business eventually. But what we find, especially when we start working with doTERRA (and in many entrepreneurial journeys), is that its highs and lows and ups and downs and a totally new way of working can floor you like no other!

After riding a wave and doing lots, I realised (real-eyes) that I had to work on me, for me, first. A lot of women put others first and they suffer in silence and then they collapse. At the end of last year, I took a break from sharing and selling, and I worked on my own health and my Marketing biz. I really REALLY started to practice what I preached!


This is something that is so close to my heart.
This is something that I will remain to do - unapologetically selfishly.

I used the oils to support me physically when needed, emotionally every single day, and I cannot tell you how much I rely on them for hormonal and endocrine system support.

A note on stress and reacting to emotions and feelings: Stress, as you may be aware, is one of the biggest life-sucking things that we can let into our lives.
And it is hard to keep that beast at bay and we can end up so intertwined in a web of deep stress that we don’t quite know how to get out.
I was living in this state, my hormones shot to shit, brain fog to the max and I wasn’t too pleasant to be around.

I promise you now, you don’t have to live like this! Essential oils support, but there’s a whole heap of other tools that do too.

For me, aromatic anchors - thanks to essential oils, meditation, journaling, kindness and compassion, love and forgiveness, making better exercise, nutrition, toxic-load and rest choice, I have been empowered to step ever more into my power and write this now from a place of pure and utter pride and love.

I was scared to say this before, but this is the mutha trucking truth: I SELL STUFF THAT CHANGES PEOPLE’S LIVES! No biggie. Thank you, Alice - I have the t-shirt.

And I would love to help you if you so wish.
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