I’ve been using Cohere since November 2021, and let me tell you, this experience is one to beat. I can say that hands-on-heart, having personally connected with the incredible souls behind this product and community and seeing how they have evolved the technology and really embraced consumer-driven development.

Through this platform, I have streamlined my mentoring and coaching business and connected with a community to support and thrive.

And, when you join the Cohere Family and use the code NICOLA, you can get 25% off!

There are many competitors for online business platforms for entrepreneurs, service-based businesses, experts, and content creators. Depending on your business, you may have looked into Kajabi, Podia, Teachery, Teachable, etc., which are great options, but I love Cohere more than any other platform I have experienced as both a participant, a creator, and a business owner.

What is Cohere?

Cohere is a business platform with an integrated system that allows you to focus on your clients. It’s basically an all-in-one tool for selling, scheduling, and delivering your online services. Whether you are a coach, mentor, teacher, guide, or service provider, you need a platform to help you elevate your business and achieve your goals. 

Why? Because systems and structure are SEXY! But seriously….

All-in-One Service

Within the Cohere platform, you can create a booking calendar, automate invoices, host live group sessions and workshops, create programs for recurring revenue, and get paid easily without the hassle of chasing clients down. 

Create & Launch

Cohere offers one platform to do it all. Within this platform, you can create:

    • Group Courses—Set up and launch everything you need to sell, deliver, and scale your live online group programs and evergreen courses, including automation and integrated community experiences. 

    • 1:1 Services – Cohere allows its clients to have a personalised portal with a mobile app to access all elements of their 1:1 services, like scheduling, video calls, content, and voice messaging. This allows everything in your business to be in one place for the client. 

    • Landing Pages & Website – These pages are automatically set up for sales, onboarding, and delivery. Cohere offers modern and professional designs with no coding required and is automatically ready for client onboarding.

    • Communities – This is a chance to step away from Facebook and gather on a professional platform. Cohere Communities are easy to use on the web and the app, including features like notifications, live streaming, and sub-groups. 

    • Workshops – If you want to launch free or low-ticket workshops/masterclasses, this is the place. Cohere workshops are easy to set up and include built-in automation, integrated emails, and content. This will save you so much time! 

    • Memberships – Memberships are a great feature of Cohere because you can facilitate monthly or annual recurring revenue, integrate live group sessions, integrate community, and much more. 

Streamline & Deliver

    • Payments – Collecting payments has never been easier! This feature works across all of your online service offers. It allows you to collect payment in a few minutes, supports international currencies, charges 0% fees (only Stripe), VAT, and Tax support, and is customisable for different services. 

    • Scheduling – Cohere offers a simple and easy-to-use client scheduler that integrates with your landing pages and related services. You can schedule free or paid 1:1 sessions, offer self-booking, use Cohere or Zoom Live Video, and organise your live group course schedule. 

    • Client Chat – Professional client chat that minimises distractions and moves away from SMS business texting. Cohere Chat is web and mobile app supported, allows you to attach files, send voice messages, launch audio or video calls, and is secure and encrypted. 

    • Integrated Live Video—Cohere offers automatic calendar invites with session links, reminders, seamless session recordings, and the flexibility to use ‘Cohere Video’, Zoom, or any other preferred platform. 

    • Onboarding & Delivery—Easily design, launch, and automate client onboarding with the ready-to-go onboarding software. This allows for streamlined onboarding and delivery automation, including session reminder emails, calendar invites, recording notifications, recurring invoices, and more. 

    • Email marketing (Coming soon) – This feature is launching soon, and I am PUMPED for it.

Let’s look at a comparison of Cohere compared to other platforms like Kajabi and Teachable, PLUS additional platforms you might need in business: 

What makes Cohere Stand Out the Most? The Cohere Academy 

The Cohere Academy option sets Cohere apart from the competition with its complete community and academy, designed to help business owners move energy and propel their businesses forward. You receive live expert training from skilled and seasoned professionals and hugely successful mentors, guides, and experts from social media, community building, energy regulation, sales, and mindset.

Backed and supported by industry leaders and experts such as Niyc Pidgeon, Scott Oldford, and Allyson Byrd.

Try Cohere Today

This is the only platform you need to run your service-based business – coaches, healers, teachers, course creators, community builders – and anyone in between. What’s more, you can get 25% off using code NICOLA.

Why spend hours trying to integrate one system into another when you can invest your time into one single platform to do it all?! If interested, use my link to set up your account. Don’t forget to add NICOLA to the coupon code box and try this epic platform for service-based businesses today!