Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?

A LinkedIn post from July 2017

I just stumbled across a post I published on LinkedIn in July 2017. WOWSA! 

It is still so relevant today, so I thought I would share it with you!

'A fellow network marketer shared this interesting read about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies and the freedom they offer people - particularly women and mothers - and it sparked something inside me!

The work I do with doTERRA essential oils (transparent plug: follow me via Instagram or Facebook or visit my website) is via network marketing/word of mouth/direct selling. And it's fair to say, I had the typical boo-hoo attitude toward working for an MLM - queue rolling eye emoji while mouthing - 'it's a scam!' Well, I'm here to tell you it isn't so.

In my opinion, doTERRA uses this approach so that customers that have had incredible, life-changing experiences with the oils and other doTERRA products, can share so with others and empower them to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being.

Rather than spending their marketing dollars on big advertising budgets and mass marketing campaigns, they give anyone the opportunity to build a business sharing the oils. One of the strongest forms of converting people into paying customers is via word of mouth - aka network marketing, am I right?! People love hearing about someone else's experience, and more often than not, buy that rather than the brand/product/service itself. I sure know I do!

Last night I hosted my first essential oils, education class. It involved explaining what an essential oil actually is, why and how you need to be aware of purity and that all essential oils are not made equally, what sets doTERRA apart from the rest, how to use them and how they can benefit everyone - young and old; both physically and emotionally. Personally, I wouldn't network market or direct sell something that I didn't use, have an excellent experience with or that comes from a company lacking ethics and values! I use these products every single day. I stand by these natural alternatives that are toxin-free, come from the earth, are pure and potent and are ultra-supportive to the human body. I can't not share them with others. They're a natural alternative that empowers lives!

I chose to take up the business opportunity which allows me to work on my terms because I want flexibility, and I believe the world needs natural alternatives and want to be an ambassador for that. As well as the great work they do through Healing Hands Foundation, they partner with the grower and farmers via their co-impact sourcing agreement (sounds obvious, right? Historically, it hasn't happened in industries that use essential oils - like commercial perfume(!)) and they creatively compensate their Wellness Advocates in such generous and thoughtful ways! But don't get me wrong, success doesn't happen overnight - you gotta work at it: experience the products - and share honestly, read, watch, focus, learn and graft. It's early days but I'm so excited and proud already. And I'm blessed to be surrounded by a wider team of, yes, mainly women (but there are a good few blokes on board, and more heading our way!) that support and share the same goals and aspirations. My beautiful team leader Nicole is in Aussie, but that doesn't stop us! Although, my Kiwi twang is turning Aussie and I am being asked where I am from a lot!!

Traditional companies!

Aaaaaand let's remember, most companies are set up a particular way: CEO at the top, senior management, specialised roles, more entry-level roles. The workforce food chain! Some might call that a "pyramid" 🤔 😏

Most of us have worked for those bosses that love and lap it up at the top - they make you work like a dog (12,14,16 hour days) and often take advantage of good nature and those with high expectations of themselves. MLMs gives you the opportunity to rid that lifestyle that is toxic and harmful to your health and relationships and work on your terms.

Good for some - maybe you?

I'm not saying this is everyone's jam and that a structured working environment with stability and benefits is bad. Each to their own. BUT if you read this. nod your head in agreement, then please know there are alternative avenues of making a living but ultimately helping people. Like essential oils, all MLM companies are not made equally, but a lot do offer great products and platforms to work on your terms. Ensure you do your own due diligence!

The Rise of Women

I'm not shocked or surprised that more women and mothers are choosing to work this way because they can create an income and passion around their lifestyle and family. Go figure! I personally feel there's a rise of women in particular, - they're shaking up the way we've traditionally worked. They are using digital platforms, connecting and sharing like never before and creating a network of like-minded people after something different while providing.

Likewise, there are companies building business for good with distributed and remote workforces, sustainable products, materials, and services, improving lives of not just workers but partners and anyone within their supply chain - challenging the status quo - thus shaking up the world!

There's a whole bunch of people out there working to make the world a better place, instigating healthy conversations about how we work, what we use in our homes, how we form businesses and change the 'norm'. It's exciting!! Keep watching or jump on board now! None of us has to work the "normal way" - what is normal anyway? 🙄"