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After 15+ years working within businesses, freelancing and consulting, I have built up expertise in how to create a beautiful strategy for brand, marketing and communications. And then I started to dismantle it. Adios to the sales funnels, consistent social posting, short-form writing and so much more!

Having worked with a range of brands and industries over the years, I'm super lucky to have experienced what works and what doesn't. Today, I work with small businesses, conscious creatives and entrepreneurs mainly within the health, well-being and human sustainability space because that is where my heart and passion lies!

Nicola Cloherty - Marketing and Business Consultant and Strategist

Hello, I'm Nicola Cloherty, and I love working with brands and businesses that are doing well and good for people, and the planet.

I am a HUGE fan of sustainability - both environmental and human, as well as health, well-being and beautiful storytelling.

I believe in the heart of a brand/product/service being shared in a purposeful and connected way.

Thanks to a host of experience, I understand 'best practices' within business and marketing, but I consciously choose to step away from the chaos and noise surrounding it to work in a deeper, more connected ways. Sure, I use current marketing intel and love to learn new tricks, but I am not the one to make clients do lengthy sales pages with clickbait titles and funnels and growth hacking. If that's what you're looking for, I'm not your lady!

I will guide you towards online optimisation, support your content creation that is true to your soul, inherent gifts and beautiful offerings. But fist and foremost, I work with you on a personalised level - seeing you and all your power - guiding you to understand the best way for you to manage and communicate your business. 

Shall we work on your own beautiful SELFISH. Strategy?

One-Off Session via Zoom alongside your personalised Human Design video package.
Investment: €400 + VAT (details below)

Reconnection and Creation Day - this can be held in-person (Netherlands) or virtually for a full or two half days within the same week, whereby we design your business strategy, marketing plan and how is most sustainable for you to execute based on your beautiful and unique skills and talents - not Mrs Guru of Business who had success her way and wants to tell you how you 'should' do it, and when you do, it feels heavy AF and doesn't work.

Investment: €1700 +VAT (details below)

1:1 Mentoring Packages available - minimum 3-month commitment. Email for more information.


  • Thorough In-take form to maximise our time together
  • 90-minute Zoom call - which you can record and keep
  • Your personal Human Design Foundations Videos (energy type and strategy, profile, authority and definition) to view in your own time
  • Recap email after our call
  • Relevant resources and tools to use
  • Specific action steps


  • Seven hours of time and expertise with me in person, or six hours virtually 
  • Thorough In-take form to maximise our time together 
  • Written summary of our day and your personalised plan
  • Full Human Design Reading Package
  • Relevant resources and tools to use
  • A dedicated day a month for six months of consulting via Voxer app

"I started working with Nicola as a total marketing newbie, quite overwhelmed as well. Nicola made me feel relaxed and, in front a cup of the, she started putting order and making sense of the chaos of tools. She explained and guided, sent links if something was worth to deepen and regularly checked to see how I was doing.  After a month with her, I felt I have learnt a lot and am more responsible for my next steps. What really made the difference for me is that Nicola adapted her tools to my way of being. She asked how did I feel about a certain step in the process and adjusted it to make it more aligned with my business. No impersonal one-fit-all marketing here! 

If you are looking for a warm, relaxed and still extremely professional person to help you out, I can surely recommend working with Nicola. I surely will go back for some consults "

manuela iddas

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