It is my absolute pleasure to work privately - in a one-to-one setting, with service-based business owners, conscious creatives, freelancers and practitioners to strategically create, run and love their business in partnership with their energy, natural cycles and rhythms, inherent skills, deepest passion and biggest impact abilities.  

After 15+ years working within businesses, freelancing and consulting, I have built up expertise in how to create a beautiful strategy for brand, marketing and communications.

And then I dismantled it.
Adios to the fancy sales funnels, need for consistent social posting, short-form writing and so much more!

Now, I personally work with energetics and strategy to do business, and mentor others to do so, too. It is magic!

Some real talk about how I work and then, then let's discuss the options...

I don't want to trick you into a false sense of security. I am not here to molly coddle you and wrap you in a blanket that will keep you warm during our time together, then freeze your ovaries off when it stops.

When we work together, the ownership is not on me to do what's required, it is on you.

I will teach, illuminate and guide you. I will cheerlead to a degree, but I will be frank AF if you're not coming to your party and backing yourself. I want you to be here cos you're ready and willing to remember, reclaim and reconnect.

You are investing in you.  With time, energy and moolah. 
You gotta be in it FULLY.

I have done (or undone) the conditioning, dismantled belief systems, dispersed thoughts of 'who I am', 'I can't afford this', 'I 'should' do it this way' etc., stopped hitting the sugar/booze/phone to forget the madness of the working week or day.

As you may have picked up as you surfed my site, I am not about perfection or restriction, busy as a badge of honour or productivity defining our worth, living outside of natural rhythms and design, but I was all of those things once. 
I hear, see and feel you. 
But I won't go back.
Nope, nee, nicht.
It ain't happening on my watch!
Nor will the women I work with. I won't allow that!

A note on investment and pricing.

This is always a tricky one for many - it used to be for me.
But a great teacher, mentor and friend of mine, Brittany Eastman, talks about nourishment when it comes to this.
She asks herself, ‘What would nourish me?’ when putting her creations out into the world and deciding on a price.
I have adopted this because my heart and soul goes into my work ~ regardless of whether I create in the physical or energetic space.
I know and feel my worth, and I want you to know yours.

Check out how we can work together with the options below.

One-Off Session via Zoom alongside your personalised Human Design Reading Video Package.

Investment ~ aka energetic exchange ~ €400 + VAT (details below) - MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Reconnection and Creation Day - this can be held in-person or virtually for a full or two half days within the same week, whereby we design your business strategy, marketing plan and how is most sustainable for you to execute based on your beautiful and unique skills and talents - not Mrs Guru of Business who had success her way and wants to tell you how you 'should' do it, and when you do, it feels heavy AF and doesn't work. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Investment ~ aka energetic exchange ~ €1700 +VAT (details below)

SELFISH. Strategy ~ 1:1 Mentoring PROGRAMME - minimum 3-month commitment
A 10-week intensive programme whereby we dive into you and your business. Yes, that's right, we start with you.

Getting SELFISH. AF - you first 

Alignment Vs Accomplishment - your business 

Your Voice - your soul-led communication and marketing

The World - reconnecting to your customers 

This strips away the goal-setting, stress meaning success, buying into the biz world narrative and its ‘striving to achieve’ mentality that we so often get attached to and believe is all there is.

It brings you into alignment with your body, business, creation and leadership. It's a private container, just you and me, to reconnect you to yourself, your business and your customers.

We gotta be right for each other, so make sure you get to know me first!

There are no workbooks.
This is designed to be hands on and personal to you. 
This is about depth and purpose in the new business paradigm.
This is not about working the old way - following the narrative and ticking boxes of biz and marketing and expecting it to work for you cos it did for some self-proclaimed Biz Coach Guru making €79875980980809890 and working an hour a month. 
This is about what you have at your finger tips, how to believe and feel your worth, being unapologetic about your desires and needs, and aligned to effery with who you are to get it! 

It is not for me to tell you what I would do, but for us to work out what is is best for you and your soul - you are human and you are spirit - but let's not get too swayed either way. Harmony and a feminine and masculine dance, thank you please.

This is a a place to unlearn how you 'should' create, run, sell and market your business and permission to go do and be as your soul intended you (before all the conditioning and belief systems set in) in your business

Investment ~ aka energetic exchange ~ €2555 - VAT included (can be paid monthly/alternative payment plan can be discussed)  ~ details below



  • Thorough In-take form to maximise our time together
  • 90-minute Zoom call - which you can record and keep
  • Your personal Human Design Foundations Videos (energy type and strategy, profile, authority and definition) to view before the call
  • Recap email after our call
  • Relevant resources and tools to use
  • Specific action steps


  • Seven hours of time and expertise with me in person, or six hours virtually 
  • Thorough In-take form to maximise our time together 
  • Written summary of our day and your personalised plan
  • Full Human Design Reading Package
  • The SELFISH. Project: SELFISH Syncing video course on menstrual and lunar living 
  • Relevant resources and tools to use
  • A dedicated day a month for six months of consulting via Voxer app


  • 90-minute intake call so I can get to know you and your business before we dive-deep
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions (X2 60-minute pcm, recorded - if you wish - Zoom calls)
  • Unlimited Voxer access to me so I can consistently nurture, nourish and support you
  • The SELFISH. Project: SELFISH Syncing video course on menstrual and lunar living 
  • Full Human Design Reading Video Package
  • Energetic and #unapologeticallySELFISH practices to support you throughout, and beyond
  • Expansive tasks and assignments that create more space, connection and selfishness
  • A beautifully loving space of encouragement, support, accountability and connection so that you create the compassionate, loving change and alignment you so wish, without feeling alone

"I started working with Nicola as a total marketing newbie, quite overwhelmed as well. Nicola made me feel relaxed and, in front a cup of the, she started putting order and making sense of the chaos of tools. She explained and guided, sent links if something was worth to deepen and regularly checked to see how I was doing.  After a month with her, I felt I have learnt a lot and am more responsible for my next steps. What really made the difference for me is that Nicola adapted her tools to my way of being. She asked how did I feel about a certain step in the process and adjusted it to make it more aligned with my business. No impersonal one-fit-all marketing here! 

If you are looking for a warm, relaxed and still extremely professional person to help you out, I can surely recommend working with Nicola. I surely will go back for some consults "

manuela iddas

Nicola Cloherty - Marketing and Business Consultant and Strategist

I'm Nicola Cloherty, and I love working with humans doing well and good for people, and the planet.

I work with you and my 15+ years of corporate, freelance and consultant experience, coupled with energetics, cyclical wisdom, and intuition to guide and mentor you and your business.

Thanks to a host of experience, I understand 'best practices' within business and marketing, but I consciously choose to step away from the chaos and noise surrounding it to work in a deeper, more connected ways. Sure, I use current marketing intel and love to learn new tricks, but I am not the one to make clients do lengthy sales pages with clickbait titles and funnels and growth hacking. 

If that's what you're looking for, I'm not your lady!

I wish you well in finding someone who suits you and all the best in your business.

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