Nicola Cloherty - doTERRA Wellness Advocate

These little bottles of Mother Nature's plant extracts changed my life, and they can do the same for you!

I dunno if you heard the word on the street, but plant medicine is the bomb. We can anchor into these tiny bottles of pure and potent essential oils for physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual support.

They don't just 'smell good'; they act as a guide to support and supplement our overall health and wellness. And, what's more, it's not only about oils! There are heaps of home and beauty products that are low-tox and chemical free for you to switch over to. Easy!

It takes a bold mission to create change, particularly for doTERRAan essential oil in every home - I am so pumped to be part of delivering that mission out into the world by sharing and educating others on how to use them every single day.

doTERRA with Nicola Cloherty

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How it works

It is pretty simple. You can tell me what you and your loved ones need support with - drop me a DM on Instagram or email me, or just go ahead right now by placing your order - and get on we'll get you on merry way with the perfect starter kit, drop-shipped to your door!

When you become a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate, you get 25% off doTERRA retail for life.

Find out exactly how to set-up your account with these instructions:

Step 1: head to:

Step 2: Click 'Join and Save'

Step 3: Select your Language & Country of Residence

Step 4: Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (if you want to earn money with doTERRA)

Step 5: Select the starter kit you would like (and waive the joining fee)

Step 6: At Bnroller ID >> ensure my doTERRA number 11139265 is displayed then click verify

Step 7: Fill out shipping info

Step 8: Process your order!

Then, you can set up your OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards Program, too. Once you have your wholesale account, this is the smartest way to buy doTERRA products. By taking advantage of this amazing program, you save lots of money. It is a rebate program that gives you free product points and free products every single month. You can join or leave at any time.

There are a bunch of starter kits that are the best and most economical way to get started - the Home Essentials Kit is the most popular, and what I started with. It has the top ten oils that every home should have to satisfy all of the family's wants, needs and desires.

NB. Prices vary country to country, so be sure to go to > scroll down to the bottom right corner and select your region to find out your local price, or email me!

Need to chat it through? Hit me up - or on Instagram @nicolacloherty

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