fertile group and one to one mentorship with Nicola Cloherty

An intimate and expansive, 1:1 six-month high-touch mentoring and coaching experience for women ready to know themselves, deconstruct the 'shoulds' so they can create and birth a life and business that's aligned, authentic, powerful and profitable.

Nicola Cloherty Mentor and Coach Human Design Business Energetics

the fertile woman

She understands that she and her creations are not one,
but in order for them to be delivered out into the world,
she needs to be rooted in her truth first and create in fertile soil.


You have the desire to embark on a new way of working and running your business, as well as birthing new projects and offers.  

You want do, be and create what your soul is here to do.

You want to consciously manage your energy over time and hold and nurture beautifully connected relationships that expand and grow with you.

You want to have more pleasure and lead a bold, expansive, and grounded life and/or business.

You want to do all the things that tap you on the shoulder, whisper in your ear and echo in your belly.

You want to birth your creations lovingly, openly and effortlessly. 

You know there is a better way to do life and business. 

You want to face yourself.

You want to know yourself.

You want to honour yourself.
You want to connect with, hold space for, and heal parts of yourself that need it.

YOU are worth the time, energy and monetary investment.

You see that creating a fertile pathway for your magic starts from within.

You are not afraid to go to the depths of you to do that.

You will accept the loving support, guidance and mentorship from me and respectfully from the five other women in this capsule.

You give an absolute fuck when it comes to being the person you landed on earth to be. Truly. 

You can see that from a place of truth; you can then be the friend, partner, mother, business owner, coworker — cos you KNOW those labels are not you.

Instead, you choose YOURSELF and then let what and who you wish into your world and life.

You want to embark on a new business/project/idea.

You are ready to reconnect, remember and reclaim who the f**k you are.

After fertile, you will understand your soul and core desires and birth your own business/project/ideas in an aligned way, unique to you and your magic. 

PS. She isn't put off by an f-bomb.

Nicola Cloherty Mentor and Coach Human Design Business Energetics

fertile on the inside

She is different.

She is pure.

She is potent.

She is fruitful.

She is lush.

She has stepping stones or bricks, sand or soil, gravel or grass, concrete or wood chips.

She leads you look at yourself, the ways you live currently and the possibilities ahead, your work, relationships, your dreams, your desires, your wisdom, your gold

She's generative. Intimate yet connected, challenging yet expansive.


Your fertile pathway looks different to someone else's.

I see you.

The power of connecting with other women paving their own.

I feel you.

Together, we go into the the depths of self, connection, awareness, nourishment, purpose and your business - where it's at, where it needs to be - aligned strategy and action.

You get to choose.


We explore you, your energy, your needs, your desires, your demands for a joyous life, what you're planting in your business, the gestation of your ideas and how to get them out there to your audience in a magnetic way.

We reframe the way you look at your purpose and how you use your own gifts to create in your business. 

We toss away the ways you 'should' and we step into choice and power.

We use a heady mix of the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, the flow and the action, the artistry and the science.

We fuse together your energy + your creative desires to rebirth you and your business.

Here's a taste of what we will cover together

  • The quadrant of you and your magic - looking at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies - where you're at and where you want to be

  • Getting radically honest

  • Honest AF about where you're at, where you want to be, and how to get there

  • Honest AF about what are the shoulds that have stuck like sticky dough that won't come off your fingers

  • Honest AF about the narratives, beliefs, constructs that you have bought into but want to shake off.

  • Tap into your soul, your inner guidance - what is it that you are here to birth?

  • Identify what you need to release and let go of to birth and create what you desire.

  • Get real - what do you need to do on a practical level to create that

  • Get your big girl biz pants on, ready to support its inception, growth through to completion and then rest.

  • Learn how to use your inherent skills and wisdom 

  • What systems and setup do you need

  • Create the business framework that suits you, your business and your clients 

  • Tools and practices to bring you back to centre and clarity

fertile pathway Mentorship with Nicola Cloherty

paving your own fertile path 

This is all about you. 

I wouldn't want you to come into this thinking I am going to pave your path.

It is not mine to pave

I have been in coaching programs myself and realised once I was in it, that I had made the wrong choice.

I don't want that for you. 

I want you to come in with your eyes, mind and heart wide open. 

This is not about me. 

When you think about promises made and lost, how does that feel?

Above, I give you the practicalities of this program so your brain can understand 'what you get' ~ I actually feel repelled writing that cos it isn't what you get - there is so much more!.

What comes from our time together is up to you.

If your heart is pumping and you're being pulled toward this, I would love you to apply below and let's have a call to ensure she is right for you, and you are right for her!

At the end of this container, you will understand your soul and her core desires so you can run your life and business in flow, with the ability to birth projects and offers, aligned with your purpose, heart and strategy to suit both you and your creations! 

What's included and investment

6-month Mentoring and Coaching Programme Includes 

♡ X3 45-minute 1:1 calls each month with an integration and implementation week 

♡ 1:1 audio support throughout your programme to tackle anything that comes up, riff, unpack and unpick as we go 

♡ Email support for content and copy - inc. Google Docs for review, feedback and collaboration

♡ Your own personalised portal with recordings, notes and additional information  

♡ Personally tailored meditations, journal prompts, energy medicine techniques to support you

♡ Reminders, downloads, ideas, strategy, resources, recommendations and all that comes between

Plus you'll also get...

♡ A loving and lolling partnership with zero judgement and all the space you need to be held in

♡ Hard-arse truth, as well as encouraging support and cheerleading 

♡ The transparency and room to ask for what you need and for me support you as necessary (or us - cos we co-create this experience)

BONUSES ~ worth €2075 *when you pay in full

♡ Soul Purpose Deep-dive (using Human Design and Gene Keys) (worth €333)

♡ Three-pack of integrative Reiki distant healing sessions (worth €432) *


€5555 + VAT/BTW  - 6 months 
(if you're VAT registered we can reverse that VAT because the UK is no longer part of the EU)

Payment Plans Available.

Nicola-Cloherty Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

I'm Nicola, and I want you to laugh - REALLY laugh - and feel so incredibly connected to yourself first and foremost.

I want you to increase your awareness and act differently because you know your body and energetic needs.

I want you to get rid of perfection and take fierce responsibility for your boundaries and being.

I want you to be so attuned to yourself , trust your inner guidance system be aligned, authentic, expressed, expansion and trust that you can live the life you are meant to.

I want you to fully upgrade your life, creations and well-being to what is rightfully yours.

I want your work or business to feel so in flow, just like your personal life.

I want you to understand how each area of your life can be honoured, loved and lead according to your body and energetic wisdom.

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