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You've landed here because you're curious. I was too. I reconnected with my body:started paying attention and loving on my monthly cycle around 30 (I'm now 36). I went down multiple rabbit holes about women's health, hormones, the language we use to describe a period and female body parts. I was in shock - for multiple reasons! Fast forward to today, and I use all of my learning, experience and life working with women on a 1:1 or group setting to help them understand more about their female body and energy.

I'm guessing you're a womxn who wants to understand more about her body, biology, energy, hormones and how to live a life that's more in-sync so you can improve your relationships - with self, your partner and perhaps kids if you have them, the way you work, your confidence, your energy.

I got you! I am so happy our paths have crossed. Via The SELFISH. Project: Womb Wisdom CourseI share, every so simply - from both my own personal experience, research, data, science and from pioneers in this space  - how and why living in partnership with your natural, cyclical way is worth its weight in gold! 

Rachel's The SELFISH Project review and testimonial
The SELFISH Project review and testimonial
The SELFISH Project review and testimonial
Instagram Training May 2020 about menstrual cycle syncing

I'm Nicola Cloherty, and I love nothing more than giving women the power, information and guidance they need to become who they are truly meant to be.

In a nutshell, it’s about making lifestyle choices according to our monthly female cycle and the natural ebb and flow of our hormones. This is not to say you can't do certain things at certain times - you totally can - but when you honour your phases, hormones and needs, you can love your menstrual cycle and partner with it to achieve balance and happiness in your life. Delicious.


  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Monthly Mentoring calls with Nicola
  • Female Cycle Syncing & Self-Care eBook worth €19.99
  • Journaling guide to help you attune to yourself and inner knowing
  • A personal member portal for you to access your content
  • Reconnection to your female biology, hormones and energy
  • How-to videos to help you sync up areas of your life
  • Exercises and tips to live in-sync with each phase of your female cycle
  • Self check-in template to help you connect with your self daily (printable)
  • Phase-specific self-care tools to support you throughout your cycle
  • Guidance and direction to kick-start your life in-sync
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“Since syncing my lifestyle with my female cycle, I have more energy, time, space, confidence, energy, connection to my feminine energy and intuition. Not to mention less stress about getting more done and need for perfection! It is my mission to empower more womxn to become aware, connect, nourish, care and love their period and female body.”

Nicola Cloherty


  • More energy, confidence, time and happiness
  • Fewer period problems like bloating, PMS, breast tenderness, anxiety, cramping 
  • To reconnect with your female biology, hormones and energy
  • Time to work for you
  • To enjoy work more as you tackle tasks accordingly 
  • To maintain a healthy bodyweight
  • Better sex and pleasure 
  • To hear your intuition and be guided by it
  • Less perfection pressure and success meaning struggle
  • To be happier and more balanced overall
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