With 20 years working within different businesses, I've gathered many skills, tried and tested ideas, and delivered a wealth of strategic, engaging, and converting ways to communicate and market brands.

Having worked with various brands and industries over the years, I'm super lucky to have experienced what works and what doesn't. I am open to opportunities whereby I can consult, mentor or create with you and your business, so if you feel like we could be a good fit, I invite you to get in touch via nicola@nicolacloherty.com

Nicola Cloherty - Marketing and Business Consultant and Strategist

Hello, I'm Nicola Cloherty, and I love working with brands and businesses that are doing well and good for people, and the planet.

I am a HUGE fan of human sustainability, health, wellbeing and beautiful storytelling. I believe in the heart of a brand/product/service being shared in a purposeful and connected way.

Thanks to a host of experience in swapping content writing hats - from a leading global airline catering, retail onboard and equipment solutions provider in the aviation industry, to health and wellbeing companies, a SaaS-model energy company and several world-leading nursery brands, I'm versed in multiple channels, areas of digital marketing, communication strategy and content creation.

I use current marketing intel and love to learn new tricks, but I am not the one to make clients do lengthy sales pages with clickbait titles and funnels and growth hacking. Instead, we get to the heart of the business and message and create strategies from there. Check out my LinkedIn

Some humans and businesses I've worked with...

Mark Edwards - Edwards & Co
Mark Edwards

Edwards & Co are an NZ-based nursery brand. I worked with the CEO & owners, Mark and the team for three years remotely across their entire digital marketing - including SEO, social media, content strategy and advertising. 

Lucy Griffith

Thrive at Work builds and facilitates workshops and programmes to empower employees to take control of their own workday health. I worked with Lucy on strategy, content and mentored her as a business owner and marketer.

Hana Ilg

Hana is a women's health expert and specialises in teaching women about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and natural birth. I worked with her creating strategy, content writing and Facebook advertising.

Some more businesses I've worked with...

Want to talk about how we might work together?

You can check me out on LinkedIn to see who I have worked with, both in-house over the years, and as a consultant & freelancer. 

If you're interested in working together, drop me an email or book a call.

"I started working with Nicola as a total marketing newbie, quite overwhelmed as well. Nicola made me feel relaxed and, in front a cup of the, she started putting order and making sense of the chaos of tools. She explained and guided, sent links if something was worth to deepen and regularly checked to see how I was doing.  After a month with her, I felt I have learnt a lot and am more responsible for my next steps. What really made the difference for me is that Nicola adapted her tools to my way of being. She asked how did I feel about a certain step in the process and adjusted it to make it more aligned with my business. No impersonal one-fit-all marketing here! 

If you are looking for a warm, relaxed and still extremely professional person to help you out, I can surely recommend working with Nicola. I surely will go back for some consults "

manuela iddas