Mastering Your Energy In Business Masterclass

Happening on Weds 11th Oct, Weds 15th Nov OR Weds 13th Dec at 11.00 am CET

So you can harness your unique energetic blueprint for you and your business to thrive.

Now that you understand Human Design's foundations (if you haven't, sign up here for my free session), it’s time to understand how it can benefit you and your energy as a business owner, accessing opportunities and creating offers and solutions.

Your energy, Human Design and how you show up in your business impact your results and success more than you may realise.

For example, your energy type, strategy and authority deeply influence how you create offers and collaborate with others. When you understand, experiment and embody yours, you’ll find that opportunities, outcomes of your decisions, and so much in your business and life are positively impacted, leaving you rooted in your power and harmonious flow over force.

Human Design Energy Types

... provide insights into your unique energetic makeup and how you interact with the world. Understanding your energy type can help you align your work and business practices to maximise your strengths and support your overall wellbeing.

Manifesting Generator

For example, if you are a Generator, you have sustainable energy and thrive when you are engaged in work that you find fulfilling and that lights you up. Knowing this, you can focus on finding work that aligns with your passions and allows you to utilise your energy effectively. As a Projector, you have a gift for guiding and managing others, so understanding this can help you excel in leadership roles or consulting positions.

By understanding your energy type, you can also learn how to optimise your decision-making process.

For instance, Manifestors are designed to initiate and take action, while Reflectors are best suited for waiting and observing before making decisions. During this masterclass, you will learn how this knowledge can help you make choices that align with your natural tendencies, leading to more effective and fulfilling outcomes in your business endeavours.

So when we understand and use this in business, business owners and entrepreneurs can accelerate their business and be in full flow.

Knowing your energy type allows you to tailor your work style, career choices, and collaborating partners to maximise productivity and fulfilment. You can also avoid common pitfalls, such as trying to do everything yourself or not delegating enough.

Come and learn about:

This masterclass will cover how your energy type, strategy and authority can support your business marketing and how you create offers and solutions.

  • You and your business
  • You are the biggest driver and energy resource within your business 
  • Working in and on your business
  • Understanding how your energy type and strategy play a role
  • Making aligned decisions within your business, by engaging your inner guidance system, aka your athority

  • How to work with it within your business to market and sell
  • How to experiment with your human design in your business

Energetic Exchange: €33+VAT 

By the end of our time together, you can start to implement and experiment with your natural talent, skills and magic both in and on your business, as well as yourself AS a business owner who honours and serves themselves and their customers.

Wednesday Oct. 25th
at 2:30 pm CEST

Wednesday Nov. 15th
at 11:00 am CET

Wednesday Dec. 13th
at 11.00 am CET

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