Nicola Cloherty - Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Guide

During our 1:1 coaching and/or mentoring session,  we tap into you and your needs, then we craft a plan to make you feel more connected to your soul and purpose (this includes work/biz if needed!), as well as your physical, emotional and energetic body and needs.

Once you book, you will receive an in-depth intake form to understand what support you need. With your permission, I will tune into your energy before the session, reviewing your Human Design chart (this is not an HD Reading) and connect with your energy body (fear not, it's with love and kindness). You will share your greatest desire/need/intention for this session upfront to hone in during our time together.

I ask you to come with an open heart and mind, to share trustingly with me so that I can support you the best way possible!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

Depending on what you specifically need, we will look at your unique lifestyle (and/or biz) and situation, and create a plan to support you as necessary.

You can choose a one-off session or grab a 3-session package.

The Package

  • In-depth intake form to maximise our time together.
  • 90-minute virtual 1:1 session
  • Recording
  • Personalised Action Plan (emailed)

Exchange: 90-Minutes €288 // $325 USD