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The SELFISH Podcast with Nicola Cloherty
Women Who Birth Talk Series with Nicola Cloherty

I'm Nicola Cloherty and on SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty Podcast, I chew the fat with other women, and alone about reconnecting, remembering and reclaiming who you are - your truest self - by creating physical and energetic alignment that is 100% connected to your uniqueness.

I've had the absolute joy and honour of talking to so many wonderful women who are doing amazing things in the world, and they generously share their stories, what they do, how they do it, and beautiful nuggets of wisdom and tips for you to put into practice.You should know, I swear and love to talk about menstruation, vaginas, vulvas, creativity, intention, conscious choices, energy, self-awareness, self-nourishment, self-connection, self-care, self-love - and so much more.

Women Who Brith is a series  of talks  ~   @womenwhobirth ~  whereby I speak to women about their various birthing experiences from an energetic, creative, business and physical point of view. You can listen to all the convos via Instagram or on the podcast: SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty.

If this sounds like music to your ovaries, I'd love you to invite you to have a listen!

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