You're a woman who wants to explore and understand exactly how to live a beautiful life in partnership with your female body, natural rhythms, cycles and energy, as well as what you're here to do and how you're designed to engage with life... I see you!

You can do what your soul intended you to on earth.
You can consciously manage your energy over time, hold and nurture beautifully connected relationships.

You can have better sex and more pleasure,  and lead an unapologetically selfish life that you love while cherry-picking from a bunch of tools that can support you every single day.

All of this is possible!

Yet, it's not happening right now.

You're all up in your head rather than feeling into your body.

You're setting goals but struggling to achieve them and in a constant push of force over flow.

You're in the repetitive cycle of stress, perennial productivity and wearing busy as a badge of honour.

You're giving little (perhaps nothing) to yourself; putting others needs before your own and suffering at the helm.

You expect to have the same feelings, emotions and levels of energy every day. 

You're misinformed and have been culturally conditioned to be and feel and live a certain way.

Nicola Cloherty

Nicola-Cloherty Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

I want you to laugh - REALLY laugh - and feel so incredibly connected to yourself first and foremost.

I want you to increase your awareness and act differently because you know your body and energetic needs.

I want you to be so attuned to yourself and inner guidance system (thank you, Human Design) that you live the life you are meant to.

I want you to fully upgrade your life and health and well-being to what is rightfully yours.

I want your work and business life to feel so in flow just like your personal.

I want you to understand how each area of your life can be honoured, loved and lead according to your female biology and energetic blueprint.

I want you to rid perfection and take fierce responsibility with your boundaries and being.

This Introductory Alignment and Reconnection One-Off Session
is perfect to start being who you truly are meant to be!

The SELFISH System to create an aligned and in-sync life and business

We look at all of your 'selves', working through each segment of the SELFISH. System and diving deeper into your own personal needs and desires. Looking at where you are with your female biology, your Human Design, and what's priority to create a plan for you to execute!

This Introductory Alignment and Reconnection One-Off Session is perfect to start being who you truly are meant to be!

I'll also share some beautiful practices, meditations, explorations, and integrations to create an expansive and beautiful shift in the way you live your life. 

Who you are on this Earth to be? 
How are you meant to engage with life?
What inherent skills and beauty lies within?

Via a completely personalised Human Design reading with me, I can take a look into the window of your soul, which is such an honour and a privilege, and shed light on exactly who you are designed to be (not your future or who you are now - some will resonate and some wont') and guide you to live your live in energetic alignment and purpose.

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