What is Human Design?

Human Design helps you discover what makes you different from everyone else. Essentially, it is a map of you - an energetic blueprint and personalised ‘how to’ manual - that shares what you are on earth to do, how best suits you to do it, how to make decisions, communicate, your natural strengths, and so much more!

We are all designed perfectly, but we can end up further away from this because of constructs and conditioning from those around us, society, narratives we believe in. 

Human Design invites you to try on the insight provided about your energy and delivers powerful info about ourselves, as well as fundamental tools about how to integrate them into our everyday lives. It is not about fixing you. You are not broken. You are perfectly formed and designed, but the waters may be a little muddied. The way I see it, it is about embracing, remembering and re-becoming who you inherently and innately are.

Why Human Design and Business?

When we use Human Design as a tool in our business, as entrepreneurs, we can optimise our workflow, decision-making, and interpersonal relationships.

Business can be personal, especially if you’re a one-woman band or working within a small team.

When we embody our unique design, we empower ourselves to show up in a way that feels good and right, and it supercharges our business with a bright, magnetic and beautiful spark that traditional strategies don't typically to ignite. 

Each energy type, profile, energy centre and all the magic and wisdom that is YOURS can be used in your business - marketing, messaging, content, social media, launching, sales, how you run your biz and so much more!

Together, we'll dive deeper into your magic, energetic essence, and how you can implement and incorporate it into your life and business by understanding, experimenting and implementing your unique energetic blueprint via Human Design!

Here are some of the things we can dive deeper into during our session:

- your existing business Vs. your energetic blueprint

- how to improve your marketing and messaging

- how to make energetically aligned decisions

- how to structure your business and time to support yourself and your energy

As part of your Human Design & Business 90-minute Intensive you'll also get two weeks of high-touch audio support following your live session. Plus your HD foundations video bundle for €333 (ex. 21% VAT)

  • All pre-recorded video are sent to you via email.
  • Your live session will also be recorded and sent to you to download.
  • You'll have lifetime access to them and can refer back anytime you wish.
  • We will connect via WhatsApp/Voxer for the two-weeks post-live intensive to help you embody and integrate your Human Design into your life and business.

Human Design gives you the framework
and an opportunity to get to know and see yourself deeply, and how to apply this in your life and business. 

Check out the process and package!



Understand what this modality is about and how it helps you discover what makes you different from everyone else.

It is a map of you - an energetic blueprint and personalised ‘how to’ manual - that shares what you are on earth to do, how best suits you to do it, how to make decisions, communicate, your natural strengths, and so much more!

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SELF- exercise: get honest AF

You take time to look at where you are right now, where you have been celebrated as well as where you have had your power taken away during your life.
It is a potent way to look with piercing honesty - not to relive but to revisit - review where you have stepped away from yourself and what you need to shed, unlearn, deprogram, deconstruct and decondition from in order to be who you truly are - 100% who your soul intended you to be!


Your Human DeSIGN FOUndation vidEO BUNDLE

1. Your Energy Type: how you engage with the world around you ~ and with that, your strategy which is all about how you win, achieve and align with all the things you want!

2. Authority: your inner guidance system helping you make correct energetic decisions for you - not your bestie, partner or aunt Betty! (Although, you could have the same so double check!)

3. Profile : your personality and role in life. This makes two people with the same energy type verrrrry different, and vice versa. There isn’t really anything to “do” with your profile except become aware of it and allow yourself to be it.


90-minute intensive

We get laser focused on the way you are uniquely designed in a 90-minute live (virtual) session - you can choose to hone in on your career/biz, relationships, or particular questions you might have.
Our chat could look at covering:

~ your dominant energies,

~ sign-posts to know you're off-track,

~ what drives and motivates you,

~ where you might trip up, your innate gifts, wisdom and skills,

~ where you are impressionable and how to come back to alignment and worth,

~ your true north and ways to ensure you sit fully in the seat of you because, quite frankly, we need you to be unapologetically you!

Investment: €333 (exc. VAT) and includes video bundle on your energy type, authority, and profile, a 90-minute 1:1 Intensive session  (via Zoom - recorded and sent to you after) and 2-weeks audio support thereafter.

What happens once I purchase my
Human Design & Business 1:1 Intensive + Video bundle & 2-Weeks Audio Support

  • You'll receive an email requesting - date of birth - place of birth - time of birth and Honest AF exercise
  • You'll then receive an email with your Human Design Foundation Videos
  • Book in in your virtual personalised Human DesignLife Integration Deep-Dive (via zoom)
  • Watch and absorb the videos before our 90-minute live deep-dive session
  • Provide any Qs or areas of your life and/or business you would like support in
  • Live dee-dive 90-minute session
  • Recording emailed to you to download and rewatch
  • 2-Weeks Audio support via Voxer app
  • Next steps: Book a 60-minute follow-up session to ensure you're integrating and implementing everything and more!