Bi-weekly beautifully balanced 90-minute connection circle for women who want to expand in their business or passion project.

Who is it for?

If you want to be liberated from the shoulds in your life and/or business, join us!

This is for women looking to birth something other than a human.
Maybe you have an idea already.

Maybe you are looking to riff through ideas for a passion project.

Maybe you’d like to come along with no expectations and see how we jam.

This is a space to connect and create bonds, bounce off ideas and suggestions, and share beautiful ways to overcome obstacles to create solutions in order to get your work out into the world.

If you are a woman looking to create something or build on your existing business with a mix of energy and strategy, connection and action, then join us!

What is it all about?

We cover particular themes and topics that women who do life and biz/career in alignment with energy, their biology and uniqueness in mind, or they sure as hell want to!

These sessions are designed for participation and connection.

These sessions are designed to bring about your truest self - radical honesty at the forefront!

These sessions are designed with the synergy of both feminine and masculine energy, yin and yang, light and dark, being and doing. 

These sessions are designed to be practical, strategic and aligned with you and your skillset.

The Structure

Run via Zoom bi-weekly, on a Monday at 19.30 CET (find your timezone here).

Monday is governed by the moon, which is all about introspection, inner work, feminine practices, subconscious, intuition - can also be a bit shadowy and dark - this is where wisdom and holds the keys to growth and truth.

Rough outline

~ Arrive with Nicola - cast circle, ground

~ Theme of the day

~ Two Qs/areas to riff on from the community

~ Breakout to soundboard ideas or qs - four rooms

~ Circle Share - either to voice or seek advice 

What you get..





Two 60-minute calls pcm

Telegram group to share throughout the month

Opportunity to share a burning questions or needs to shape our sessions. They're 100% collaborative!


€20.22 pcm - monthly payment, cancel anytime.

Join Liberation 

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