Coaching Programmes with Nicola Cloherty

Reiki is a beautiful Japanese energy healing technique with sacred lineage, and the word itself means 'universal life energy'. Universal life energy is not limited by time or space. It cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transmuted. Both the physical and the energetic body hold vibrational weight due to thoughts, emotions and experiences. 

I am a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, allowing me to work with Reiki for healing myself and others. 

We each have four bodies ~ Physical, Mental , Emotional and Spiritual.  Each of them is independent, however, if one is out of balance you may feel a sense of heaviness or lack in your life. 

We must treat our energy bodies with the same love, respect and nourishment that we treat our physical when we have an ailment or disease. 

Through Reiki, and other forms of energy tools and support, we can delve deeper into emotional traumas, stagnant energy and heaviness, addressing them head on and healing.

It is my honour to guide you through your Integrative Reiki healing session. I will also share ways you can further support yourself beyond.

Distant Integrative Reiki & Energetic Healing Session (virtual)

  • Arrive: Discussion and desire
  • Ground: Breathwork and Meditation
  • Heal: Body Scan and Distant Reiki Energetic Healing
  • Further Support: e.g. cutting energetic cords, suggested deeper work
  • Close: oracle card pull

BOUNS: Voxer messaging app check in within the following 5 days

Exchange: 45-Minutes €150 // $165 USD or save 10% on a 3-pack session