I mentor and guide entrepreneurs and business leaders to be in flow, not force, and to be both powerful and harmonious by combining energetics, frequency and strategy.

Nicola Cloherty - Mentor and Coach for women

Hi, I'm Nicola Clohertyand it's bloody great to have you here. 

I'm a lover of words, lols and liberation. I wholeheartedly want YOU to create the life and business you so dream of and desire. I'm here to help you go against the grain, getting radically self-honest so you can birth things other than humans - businesses, projects, ideas, art, and creations.

Through 18+ years of working in business and marketing, as both a student and teacher of Human Design for 3+ years and as an Integrative Reiki Energy Healer, I work with women to step into their truth and power to create the life and business that is energetically-aligned, creates freedom from flow and joy in the way they earn money!

When we know ourselves, deconstruct beliefs, programmes and patterns that aren't ours, and then craft a beautifully aligned container to conceive/form/generate/shape our lives and businesses, we birth our creations from a very different place, and they are received in all their glory by those wanting them.

1:1 mentoring and coaching is the most intimate way to work with me and the most intensive and transformative way for you to know yourself, deconstruct the beliefs and ways you think you 'should' do life and business, to do it the way you're designed to.

Learn more about working together - creating your very own fertile pathway - in a six or twelve month mentoring container.

Coaching Programmes with Nicola Cloherty

You can enjoy some of my gifts via my blogpodcast, Instagram - @nicolacloherty on and by downloading My Top 5 Steps to Start Journaling.

Women Who Birth Talk Series with Nicola Cloherty