By understanding your menstrual cycle, your energetic blueprint via Human Design, and inviting in your intuition, life and your business can be a whole lot more harmonious.

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Hi, I'm Nicola...

A 4/6 Manifesting Generator in Human Design, a lover of female biology and energy, and living in partnership with my menstrual cycle. I binge on connection and community - check out SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty Podcast, adore words and marketing with heart, and am a passionate advocate for owning your health, well-being and living an #UnapologeticallySelfish life. Boom!

I work with womxn in both private and group mentoring settings, as a mentor and guide to connect and partner with their body's natural, cyclical rhythm and female biology, alongside their energetic blueprint via Human Design, to lead a life and/or business that is aligned to their soul and body.

Wanna know more about the work I do? Take a look at how we can work together. 

Nicola Cloherty - doTERRA Wellness Advocte and Marketing Consultant

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