I help woman reconnect with their body intelligence, remember who they are by understanding their unique energetic blueprint, and reclaim their power by healing past experiences to (re)birth the life and business their soul desires unapologetically.

Nicola Cloherty Coach and Mentor - human design, menstrual cycle, period coaching, energy medicine, reiki

We join forces to reconnect, remember who you are and reclaim your power.

I'm the midwife and doula of non-human babies ~ your projects, ideas and businesses!

Since my years were young, I've loved words, lols and creating from my heart. Through my years of working in business and marketing (15+ of 'em), as a Human Design Guide, a menstrual cycle educator and Reiki energy healer, I work with women to step into their truth and create!

I wholeheartedly believe that when we know ourselves, deconstruct beliefs, go deep to heal and craft a flexible container to conceive/form/generate/shape our life and work, we birth our creations and passions and art from a very different place. That's the magic!

fertile group and one to one mentorship with Nicola Cloherty

fertile is for women who want to learn how to live and create in partnership with their body intelligence, energy and purpose, and birth things other than humans. Five women will work with me, both intimately one-to-one and as a collective, over five months from December 2021 through to April 2022. Applications open throughout November! Learn more about fertile mentoring program.

 Here's how else we can work together

You can enjoy some of my gifts via my podcast, on Instagram @nicolacloherty on and by downloading My Top 5 Steps to Start Journaling.

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