I help people to reconnect with their body intelligence, energetic blueprint, and heal past experiences so that they can create and birth a business that is energetically aligned to their soul.

Nicola Cloherty Coach and Mentor - human design, menstrual cycle, period coaching, energy medicine, reiki

We work together so they can reconnect, remember and reclaim who they are.

In my work, I use the Human Design system, understanding and living in sync with one's female biology and menstrual cycle, energetic healing ~ I am a Usui Reiki Practitioner, and 15+ years of business & marketing expertise.

I binge on connection and community, and would love you to take advantage by grabbing, absorbing and trying on some of my free stuff via SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty Podcast, following @nicolacloherty on Instagram and grabbing My Top 5 Steps to Start Journaling.

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