Coaching Programmes with Nicola Cloherty

1:1 Mentoring Programme

1:1 mentoring and coaching is the most intimate way to work with me and the most intensive and transformative way for you to know thyself, deconstruct the beliefs and ways you think you 'should' do life and business, and birth your business from that place - your very own fertile pathway

It is by application only. 

My 1:1 programme with Nicola has been inspiring, affirming and has changed my day to day outlook. I now have a strong plan for my business and also the skills to take time for myself and have a calmer more meaningful approach to my everyday.

Jessica, UK

Human Design Readings and Reiki Energy Healing

Distant Reiki Healing Session

Universal life energy is not limited by time or space. It cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transmuted. Both the physical and the energetic body hold vibrational weight due to thoughts, emotions and experiences. Learn more about reiki

- Arrive: Discussion and desire
- Ground: Breathwork and Meditation
- Heal: Body Scan and Distant Reiki Energetic Healing
- Further Support: e.g. cutting energetic cords, suggested deeper work
- Close: oracle card pull
BOUNS: WhatsApp/Voxer/iMessage check in within the following 5 days

Exchange: 45-Minutes €144 

You can choose a one-off session or grab a 3-session package and save 10%.

Our 1:1 sessions were the perfect amount of raw revelation and personal insight. I love Nicola's delivery of information. I wasn't sure what to expect, I just knew I was interested and went in with an open mind. There's a lot of information to process and soak in, and she read the room well when I hit my overload. I love how she checked in following the session(s) to ensure I was doing what's best for me and honouring my highest self. Nicola is an absolute legend, and I appreciated the faith she had in me when I was at a phase of constantly doubting myself.

Julie, Netherlands 

Human Design Menstrual Cycle Advocate Business Coach - Nicola Cloherty

Human Design Integration 1:1 

Human Design helps you discover what makes you different from everyone else. Essentially, it is a map of you - an energetic blueprint and personalised ‘how to’ manual - that shares what you are on earth to do, how best suits you to do it, how to make decisions, communicate, your natural strengths, and so much more!

We are all designed perfectly, but we can end up further away from this because of constructs and conditioning from those around us, society, narratives we believe in. Learn more about Human Design. 

In your Human Design Life Integration Video Bundle & 1:1 Session you'll get five videos about the foundations of your Human Design PLUS a 90-minute deep-dive (via zoom) for €333 (inc. VAT)

All pre-recorded video are sent to you via email.
Your live session will also be recorded and sent to you to download.
You'll have lifetime access to them and can refer back anytime you wish.

I wanted to contact you to thank you. I am SO GRATEFUL for the amount of attention and time you put into this reading. This really exceeded all of my expectations and is truly so valuable for me. The reading has so much depth and layering to it: I can take this knowledge for the rest of my life. I have now listened to everything once and immediately want to listen to it again (and again haha)!

Thank you so much for this.

This really gives me insight and permission to be more of me.

Eva, Netherlands 

The SELFISH Podcast with Nicola Cloherty

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For me, nothing makes my heart more full than empowering others to live a life of their choosing - with love, balance and a bountiful tool box to help them do so .”