Can we just take a moment to stop, realise and celebrate that women are natural-born creators 

(regardless of birthing humans or not)!

female cycle syncing and Human Design with Nicola Cloherty

I'm Nicola, and I used to be in your shoes (although mine are a size 41, yours might be a little daintier. You lucky ducky!)

I knew I was here for more but wasn't sure what to do and be.

I've spent 15+ years working in marketing, comms and branding for others - both in-house and as a freelancer and consultant. Some years ago, I began to disagree with how the industry was pushing out all of the musts of marketing and business! I saw time and time again how overwhelming it became for women. I took a step back and decided what business and marketing were for me: creating and running a business from soul, heart and truth, with a good few dollops of strategy, tactics and action.

I was a one-woman business band who believed I needed to do it all to create the life, relationships, partnerships, social experiences, and business I wanted. I was overwhelmed knowing everything I do about marketing and biz, and I couldn't work out how to do it in a way that felt good and action-fuelled!

So I went deep. I learned about energetics and tried it on myself to be blown away by its power! I stocked my tool belt with energy medicine and healing techniques to support myself as I went. I got intimate AF with my female biology and menstrual cycle - and began to eat, sleep and breathe all this knowledge and wisdom.

I discovered there were many bridges to cross when birthing a business. SPOILER ALERT - all of the above - so, I put them all together and work to bring them to you before you transition into business so you’re aligned, authentic, boundaried and magnetic AF from the outset!

My Human Design: Manifesting Generator, emotional authority, single definition, 4/6  with eight channels (EIGHT!)

My Astrology☉ Gemini ↑ Virgo ☽ Pisces 

I live in loving partnership with my menstrual cycle and integrative Reiki healing energy.

I love communication, community and connection.

I  love Mumma Naitch, dancing and dropping a good F -bomb.

Today, it is an absolute joy and honour work with women who want to connect intimately and deeply with their energetic makeup, their female biology and menstrual cycle and run and market their business in partnership with all of this.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Nicola Cloherty 1:1 mentoring and coaching
All you need it love
  1. 1
    I love food. All of the food. Food is medicine. Food is fun. Food is life!
  2. 2
    I have a dodgy accent ~ I'm a Londoner (I've not lived there since 2009) who spent seven years in Wellington, NZ and moved to The Netherlands in 2016. I look forward to the day I have a Dutch twang also!
  3. 3
    As a kid, I used to recreate the popular 90s show 'Gladiators' (even though the producers EXPLICITLY said not to). My Dad encouraged it, my sister ignored it, my Mum rolled her eyes and said, 'Oh, Nicola'.
  4. 4
    I had Hirschsprung disease when I was a baby and had part of my colon removed at Great Ormond Street Hospital. That hospital is incredible!
  5. 5
    I love Mother Nature and what she provides. She is the cheapest medicine - go be with her daily - I do!
  6. 6
    I aim to live a harmonious life, but I don't believe in restrictions. My Spanish grandmother used to say, 'Everything in moderation.' Amen to that!
  7. 7
    I love music and dancing and singing (badly).
  8. 8
    Herman/Herms/Hermie/Monnie is my love muffin. The yang to my yin. The cheese to my glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir. You MAY catch a glimpse of him via my Instagram (much to his dislike!).
  9. 9
    I am a fur-Mumma to Coco and a bonus-Mumma to Hunter.
  10. 10
    All you need is love (and the odd F-bomb) - that's my foundation.

I love nothing more than helping women  to reconnect with their body intelligence, remember who they are by understanding their unique energetic blueprint, connecting with their menstrual cycle, and reclaim their power by healing past experiences to unapologetically birth life and business they want!

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