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Stop looking at where others are and start with where you are right NOW!

Yes, absolutely witness the goals, dreams and wins of others. It’s inspirational and motivating to see what’s possible. However, reflect on how it feels if you’re looking longly over the fence, not feeling or believing in yourself and your abilities, and more importantly, not doing #noactionisaction

We can all look at those we admire and fall in love with their wins. True. BUT if we spiral outta control, wondering IF we will receive the same, we can end up landing in a pool of misery and destruction, not doing what we were put on earth to do!

Instead, why not try this (something that works magically for me) ~ gratitude for where you are right now.

Having loving gratitude about where you are right now will get you into a space where you feel genuine love in your heart, not a feeling of “if only”. 

You will start to look around at what you have with utter joy and warmth. You can say aloud, ‘More please!’ 

If you have one client who’s smashing it – ‘Thank you. More please!’

If it’s one day of getting up at 5 am – ‘Thank you. More please!’

If it’s five days off the plonk – ‘Thank you. More please!’

If it’s one month of living in partnership with your menstrual cycle – ‘Thank you. More please!’

If it’s 24 hours after discovering your Human Design, saying HOLY SHIT and embracing the F outta the magic of you – ‘Thank you. More please!’

We wanna get grateful first, THEN clear on what we want. So how do we do that?

1. Be grateful every single day.

Write it down.
Say it aloud.
Tell colleagues, family, friends. Say it in your head. As you walk down the street and you hear a bird sing, you see the sunshine, or you smile at a stranger. 

2. Get honest AF about where you’re at. I’m talking financially, emotionally, energetically, physically, spiritually, mentally, relationships – the works.

3. Get clear about what is missing and what choices need to be made to recalibrate in these areas.
What needs to go?
What needs to stay?
What conversations do you need to have? (with yourself first, then others)
Where are you selling yourself short?
Where are you not asking for what you want?
Where are you not doing what you said?
Where are you cockblocking yourself from being and doing all that you can and want to be?

4. Write it out. What does success look like to you?
Watching Succession last night, I said to Hermie, can you see how unhappy these people are with all this money BUT it’s not the money that makes them unhappy, it’s their darkness and emotions and energy and hurt, and pain and I healed wounds that make money mean nothing. Get serious about what you want and what success means to you and you alone. Spoiler Alert – it doesn’t have to be earning six figures, but it can be. It can be Fridays off with your family. It can be fresh flowers in every room of the house. It can be a cleaner once a week. It can be paying outright for a holiday.

5. Start small. What is one thing you can change today to start creating the reality that burns, scratches and screams inside of you?
Getting up 30 mins earlier to journal/meditate/contemplate/read/breathe/drink a cuppa in sheer silence?
Clearing your schedule of unnecessary fluff?
Deleting social apps?
Spending 20 mins a day in nature?
Working in time blocks?
Learning something that will help toward accomplishing your dreams? Asking for help?
Whatever it is, START NOW. Make it digestible and doable.

What’s more, keep this alive! Gratitude and Desires are living and breathing things! They can change and morph and grow—listen to them.

It’s not set and forget. We gotta stay with it. Nurture it. Keep being radically self-honest and work in partnership with the energy of our gratitude and desires.

The two go hand in hand. 

A marriage of prosperity and triumph. 

A tale of love.

If the help you need costs – time/money/effort – what gives? Choices. Again. 

How do you take the leap, choose yourself and create from there?

    • What do you need to do? 

    • How can you make this happen? 

    • What can you ask for? 

    • Where can you trim the fat? 

The answer can be “not right now”, but more often than not, that’s laced in fear or lack of priority. So I urge you get so fucking honest with yourself about what you’re willing to do for yourself and not. And stick by that. And stop pining after what you’re not ready to do yet. Be happy with where you are right NOW. 

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