Empowering Women with the Fertility Awareness Method: A Natural Approach to Family Planning

As women, it’s our right and our duty to understand our hormones, our menstrual cycle, and how fertility works in our bodies. We are living in an era where synthetic birth control methods are dominating the market, which leads many (keep reading...)

Foods to Support Your Hormones During Your Menstrual Cycle

As your cycle comes and goes, you’ve probably noticed that different foods impact your overall well-being differently. Some foods support us differently during each phase. Before we dive into the food topic, it’s more important than ANYTHING that you have a (keep reading...)

Breaking the Menstrual Taboo

Amsterdam Event - Saturday 28th MarchI AM A WOMAN.I BLEED.SO DOES OVER 50% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION.FACT.Y'all I know I love me some talk about menstruation!! All things women's health, hormones, cycles and energy just make my ovaries sing to (keep reading...)