I shed a tear today.
Right now in fact, as I stand barefoot looking out at the water that stretches to the left and right; as far as my eyes can see.
I’m listing to the water hitting the shore. It’s calm.
The sun glistens on the water with a chill in the air.
I shed a tear.
A tear for this freedom we’ve so taken for granted.
A tear for Mother Earth we’ve ignored.
A tear for those we’ve not given time to.
A tear for those alone right now.
A tear for the incredible humans working and fighting for lives while risking their own.
A tear for all the souls struggling in fear.
A tear for the past me.
A tear for the truest me.
A tear for who I am to be.
Shedding tears is releasing and appreciating and opening and connecting.
Do not be afraid to shed a tear today, or any day.
You are but human.
All my love ♥️