The last post shared the first six out of twelve of the profile combinations in Human Design. You can also find out more about what the profile number positioning means.

In this post, we'll go through the last bunch. If you want more detail on each line (because they not only land in your profile, but  - head over to read about the six lines of the Hexagram

The remaining 6/12 Human Design Profiles

Human Design Profiles - 4/1 Opportunist Investigator

Our 4/1s are here for a bonus life, but what does that mean? They know themselves and have their own sense of right and wrong thanks to their ability to stand firm in their own truth and be fixed in nature. 

I get asked what the difference is between 1/4s and 4/1s - as said, our 4/1s aren't here to 'change'; with no karma to correct, transcend or fix, they are here to be joy personified simply. 4/1s are more outwardly focused on interpersonal interactions - the Opportunist - and investigating (1st line) comes second nature compared to 1/4s (remember when I shared about how the profiles sit in your profile?) are more inward and focus on detail and experience first. 

Our 4/1s are meant to pay no attention to the needs, wants, and desires but rather to ensure they are fulfilled first and foremost. This can prove a bit tricky for others and because of the narrative of others before you. So we, as non-4/1s, must accept and encourage that it is energetically correct for them to be #allaboutthem

Human Design Profiles - 4/6 Opportunist Role Model

This is me! 4/6s are here to focus their energy on outward experiences and relationships - they double down in the upper trigram! They are here for friendship, connection and influencing our communities for the pure joy of it, wanting others and themselves to succeed equally! 4/6s spend their first 30 years - (remember the three life stages of the 6th line?) experimenting, especially with relationships and friends.

As a 4/6, I can vouch FULLY for this, and the fact we can spend too much time in our head or our heart, not knowing which way to proceed is best (I am also an emotional authority - the rides of the old wave can be even lonnnnnnger - ha). 4/6 folk can feel the push and pull of wanting alone time and amongst their community #mindf*ck - especially when knowing what to commit to; they potentially become commitment-phobes and do nothing. Therefore, leaning on and trusting the wisdom of the 6th line - the Role Model - is essential.

All invitations and great opportunities will come through the network of the 4/6. However, they can fear rejection, which can make them reject something even before an actual rejection has occurred, which means they are ignoring their higher wisdom (as I write this, I am taught #grateful #alwaysthestudent). With this in mind, it is paramount not to seek validation externally but to sit with themselves with a select few who know, love and respect them.

Human Design Profiles - 5/1 Heretic Investigator

Our 5/1 folk are natural leaders, teachers and guides (I am lucky enough to have two besties with this magical profile!). They are here to dismiss, reject and transcend the projections, expectations and entitlements placed upon them by others - sending the 'other' back to themselves.

They can be pretty quiet, reflective and they don't need as much time socialising as most. 5/1s are also generous, compassionate, focussed on the other and very heroic in their actions. They love learning, new projects, change and going against the tide if need be, with a beautiful magnetism attracting people toward them wanting to share the depth of their knowledge with the utmost integrity. However, people can think 5/1s are there solely for them - this is not so.

Those who project upon them are often those who have been disappointed with them previously, so they need to lean into their Strategy and say no to things that don't light them up. 5/1s are here to be powerful and an authority about what they know and who they are!

Human Design Profiles - 5/2 Heretic Hermit

Our 5/2 folk are very independent, self-motivated and don't need much input from the outside world, but are here to share what they know. They are somewhat similar to the 5/1 profile, but they give fewer f*cks for the projections of others and need alone time. The Hermit 2nd line can often people-please and keep the peace to fulfil the expectations of others, which works to their detriment.

Instead, discover your magic and talents - some might not like it right away because you can hide them #inthecave - which can cause a bit of upset and disappointment, we don't want that! Instead, reflect on where you are separating yourself from others and if your expectations are out of whack. Recognise it. Put yourself out there, retreat for rest, then get back out again.

When they're in their fullest expression, our 5/2 folk are powerful, self-made, independent, peaceful and dispel projections easily - this is the magic sauce.

Human Design Profiles - 6/2 Role Model Hermit

Our 6/2s are born leaders and guides, and I am blessed to know a few of these very well! With its three stages, the Role Model - 6th line - sees our 6/2s getting amongst all the things in phase one, but coupled with the Hermit, they can be pretty reserved during this experimentation time, becoming more self-focused.

With a delicate balance between storytelling and sharing their gifts and going inward and being in solitude, 6/2s have a great capacity to show others what's possible through example. They also have this innate ability to see what needs to happen and bring the jigsaw pieces together to make the picture.

It's their beautifully natural gift, but our 6/2s must be mindful that not everyone is like them. Their high ambition, goals, standards, and ideals may frustrate them and impact relationships and/or partnerships, mainly because they see the bigger picture and others do not. Be gentle. 6/2s need to remember they can lead and shed light on and for the world. We need that!

Human Design Profiles - 6/3 Role Model Martyr

Like our 3/6 folk, for the first 30 years of the 6/3s life, they live like a 3/3s. Again, I get asked about the difference between 3/6s and 6/3s, and again, it is about which number comes first. 3/6s are more inwardly focused, whilst 6/3s are more outwardly viewed.

6/3s experiment internally and externally - looking for new experiences, expressions, adventures, sensations via people, places, activities, experiences - and going for it. This slows down after the age of 30, as they shift their focus from inward to being the observer, and there may be a feeling of restlessness, wanting to find the right thing, but they are not here for perfection or the right thing.

6/3s are natural Role Models (6th line) and must lean into and trust their innate, inherent wisdom. It is important to note that, even if it can seem like they fail from the outside looking in, nothing is a failure, only lessons and wisdom that draw more and more people to them!

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