In Human Design, there are six lines make up the 12 different profile combinations, and in this post, we will look at the first six profile combinations, and you can read about the last six profiles in this post.

Profiles all about how one is meant to do what one is here to do ~ see them as our personalities or archetypes. They show up in your chart as what looks like a fraction—4/1, 2/5, 3/6, 6/2 etc.

If your Profile numbers are in the lower trigram, they're about self and very inward. If your profile numbers are in the upper trigram, they're about the external and outward. And, if a mix, then you are here for both!

The first number in your Profile is more conscious ~ who you identify with, and the other is unconscious ~ how others see you.

Human Design Trigram

Your Human Design Profile, together with your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority, says so much about someone, which is why you may have heard me say:

'I'm Nicola, and I'm a 4/6 Manifesting Generator with an emotional authority.'

Understanding the foundations can tell you a lot of info up front about someone! 

The first 6 of 12 Human Design Profiles

Human Design Profiles - 1/3 Investigator Martyr

Our 1/3 folk are meant to focus on their relationship with themselves - sitting in the lower trigram (see above) #allaboutme. They are naturally sceptical with an incredible BS radar and dive headfirst into learning all they can about their interests.

This can mean that our 1/3s can get caught up in learning and researching everything and fail to experiment and expand with what they have learned - which is needed as the 3rd line is about trial and error. It's essential to be radically self-honest about when their controlling 1st line stops you from leaping and testing stuff out - you feel like you don't know enough, but is that really true? Allow the world and life to be your most excellent teacher, so you're open to finding out what truth is for you!

Interestingly, I have a lot of 1/3s in my life, and us 4/6 folk are very compatible with them (a bunch of besties, my sister, her hubby and two of my 1:1 coaching clients!

Human Design Profiles - 1/4 Investigator Opportunist

The 1/4 profile is a beautiful balance of the lower and upper trigram (scroll up if you've forgotten what this means), and to function, they require a foundational basis which they can rely on as they extend outwards toward others.

The Investigator is about learning, understanding depth, and investigating what tickles one's fancy; this is more inherent to our 1/4 folk. They have a deep desire to learn and self-educate in solitude.

Once this foundation is there, they can influence and impact their community through their expertise, pulling opportunities and success through their network via the Opportunist.

Human Design Profiles - 2/4 Hermit Opportunist

2/4 folk are a great contrast because they are both inward - the Hermit and outward - the Opportunist. And with this, the 2/4 head can spin: 'do I want to be alone or amongst my network of people?!'

Firstly, our 2/4s must embody their polarity and contrast by honouring their needs in every single moment in alignment with their authority. Creating a safe space and a restful environment is crucial, and creating and crafting a close community of people to share your magic with. When the energy of the 2nd line forces themselves into social situations, they'll automatically be in energetic incorrectness, even though they are technically the 4th line, too.

They must always honour the Hermit phase for as long as is necessary until they get called out from their cave by their close community and network because your magic, gifts and wisdom are inherent. Still, often, there's a struggle to identify them, so your people need to draw them out of you so you can be influential!

Human Design Profiles - 2/5 Hermit Heretic

Our 2/5 profile folk can be powerful AF! They are naturally magnetic and draw people in, but this can mean people project upon them and expect their natural talents to save them. This is not so and may send our 2/5s off track. It is super important to discern where, what, and who they spend their energy on.

They are not here to please others. Instead, they're meant to send people back to themselves, like a sun bouncing off a mirror #reflection. 2/5s have a natural "go it alone" vibe and thrive when riding solo - becoming more assertive, independent, and empowered.

It's paramount for our 2/5s to break free from the shackles of others by using their Strategy and having alone time so they can become aware of what's aligned and not. This allows them to embody their power to stand alone and lead/be/do in whatever way they want.

Human Design Profiles - 3/5 Martyr Heretic

This is one of the most experienced profiles, yet the most challenging profile of all, combining the Martyr energy: trial, error, failure, experience-based learning, and the Heretic: projection, expectations, people-pleasing. It can make for a formidable duo!

Our 3/5 folks are natural seekers and change-makers, and people live vicariously through their experiences. However, they also have the most incredible access to wisdom, power, knowledge, colourful lived experiences, and conviction, so embrace those ups and downs and round and round moments! Our 3/5 souls become more magnetic and loveable in this beautiful flow.

Human Design Profiles - 3/6 Martyr Role Model

3/6 folk are our lifetime learners, experimenters and knowledge sharers, designed to feel the full spectrum of human emotions through lived experience, trial and error, deep personal learnings and of course, failure.

The 6th line works in three stages - its first stage - the first 30 years of life - appear much like the 3rd line, so they're more like 3/3 for that time getting experienced AF! After this stage, they often find contrast within themselves; they can internalise things without showing it on the outside.

Learning to accept what's happened and forgive themselves is key! Our 3/6s become so wise and sage-like, others naturally flock to you, and all those deep personal learnings were worth it because you become mighty like no other.

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