Onto the next part of the foundations of Human Design - and what I believe, one of the most powerful things of all when it comes to Human Design: YOUR AUTHORITY.

Welcome to your Inner Guidance System!

This is where the actual liberating AF magic happens. You stop making decisions based on what other's advise, or how society says, and you start doing them from the language of your body #bodyintelligence

Learning how to make energetically correct decisions means you no longer abandon yourself when choosing what you do and don't want to do in life and business!

It is all about helping you make decisions that are right for us as an individual, not your bestie, beautiful partner or aunt Sally!

There are Seven Authorities in Human Design

Before we begin exploring them, it's gotta be said here and now, the mind is NEVER your way to make decisions. Scrap all the times you've been told to think about it or use your brain - this is fundamentally wrong. And, if you reflect on decisions you have made where you have done that, have they really been right? 

If you're an Emotional Authority, you may need to ride the wave of emotion - but this is never about thought, it is about feelings over a period of time (more on that below). There are two authorities which come from outside the body (Mental and Lunar), but no decisions come via thoughts.
Have I made that clear? Good. Let's go!

Sacral Authority - Human Design

You need to listen/feel for the ah-hah ‘TELL ME MORE’ or uh-nah NOT FOR ME voice that comes from your gut. The hell yeah, or the hell no is your truth. Your gut makes the decisions.

Your sacral intelligence knows what will feed it and give it life or not. It works its magic best when given the opportunity to respond and be asked precise questions so you can feel the mmmmmm - prey do tell or nnnnnn - hell no. Even the most trivial (for some!) Qs like - do you want to have dinner at home or out?

Pay attention to your sacral reaction and result; listen to the body intelligence that pulls you toward or contracts you away from what’s presented to you. As soon as you get a full-bodied gut response, go ahead and take action.

In your gut you shall trust. #ThereIsOnlyTruthInTheNow

Emotional Authority - Human Design

This is the most powerful inner authority there is, BUT it is often tough to ride out cos #conditioning, and we stopped being guided by our body - #BodyIntellignceForTheWin

Enter emotions, feelings, moods ~ super powerful and constantly changing ~ they follow an up and down wave of highs and lows.

If something comes your way, you gotta ride the emotional wave. We're talking a good 12-24 hours if you can ~ that's right, it is totally correct for us Emotional Authority folk to sleep on it.

This can be tough because we have had it drummed into us that we 'should' (gah!)' 'listen to our gut' - and go with it.
Especially on the BIG decisions. Riiiide that wave. #ThereIsNoTruthInTheNow for emotionally defined people.

The Emotional Authority is never 100% clear and can never fully satisfy your mind (which is NEVER anyone’s decision-maker). It keeps on searching for absolute certainty, and 9/10 emotional clarity comes when the wave reaches its starting point again. Go figure!

Write it out. Contemplate it. Ponder the F out of it! See how you feel at multiple times of the day.

Splenic Authority - Human Design

You'll feel an instant deep realisation that a course of action is definitely meant for you, or on the contrary, an instant unease and knowing that this course of action isn't safe or correct. It's super quick, so pay attention because it never repeats itself.  

If you can explain your splenic feeling, it's incorrect and coming from your mind, not your spleen.

'I just have a feeling', 'this is an intuitive knowing', 'I just know this isn't right for me', is what a Splenic authority humans will likely say when they decide on something. 

Splenic authority folk often tend to wait until the last minute to act, as their instinct cannot decide before action must occur. It is hard for them to function correctly in society because society doesn't appreciate this very much.
Dear Splenic authority human, know that your surest answer will come when the thing has to be done.

Ego (Heart) Authority - Human Design

You must trust what you say or do spontaneously, in the moment. It’s all about the willpower to do something or not!

The ego's voice will speak or move the body if you allow it to do so ~ let words come out unfiltered (similar to the Self-Projected authority), not saying what you “think” you want to say.

It comes from the heart - ego, desire and self. You come from the heart - all about what you want.

Before deciding, ask yourself if you truly have the energy to do the thing. Listen to your body’s needs because balance between rest and activity is a must for you!

Self-Projected Authority - Human Design

You must talk things out - this is how you gain clarity.

Your truth is expressed through the core of your identity (the G centre) ~ allow your words to come out unfiltered.

Communication is saaaaaaaaah crucial for you, but be cautious and keep an eye out for via the act of lying, withholding or not speaking the truth.

For Self-Projected authority folk, there is a sense of inner knowing, but you wanna ensure it’s right by giving it voice and discerning who is around you when you talk about it due to a lot of openness in your chart. It's not about getting others to make decisions for you or to give you advice; it is a chance to hear what you are feeling. The direction you want to go in will show you what decision to make, so listening and hearing your voice is vital.

Talk to a friend, free-write in a journal, record a voice note/audio on the ‘thing’ you’re trying to decide on can help! Listen to the tone of your voice - it can change when your truth surfaces - which can leave you feeling a little vulnerable, so choose your people wisely.

Mental (Environmental) Authority - Human Design

Also known as Environment, you receive guidance from sensory information through your open centres. With openness in mind, it’s vital to start looking at the conditioning in your open centres first.

Become a ruthless curator of who and what is around you as you have a lot of openness - you can be malleable and easily influenced - BUT there is so much potential to be able to influence and leave a legacy.

Your truth will be revealed through talking your decisions out with your trusted circle, and using them as a sounding board. Whilst your authority is called ‘mental’, it’s never making decisions from the mind.

When making decisions, who are you gonna consult, who is in your inner circle, what do you wanna talk about and what is gonna feel good?

Once a decision is made, how does it feel? You will tune into that body feeling. Make it more consistent and reliable by curating.

Train those in your inner cycle to be able to have a really productive convo in a way that feels good.

Lunar Authority - Human Design

I wanna start by saying that waiting 28-days to choose a salad isn’t fun for anyone. So for my Reflectors out there, keep that 28-day/lunar approach for the big things - not the wild salmon Vs falafel salad - we don’t want you dying from hunger!

You have a special connection with the moon.
Before making an important decision, (if you can), wait for a lunar cycle, aka 28-days, to gauge your most consistent emotion about the decision in question, then decide. 

If you make important decisions in the moment, you will find dis-ease and disappointment in life. And we do not want that! The lunar cycle offers time to find clarity to be surprised and delighted by life, it’s about appreciating the slow and considered process.

It is super important for you to surround yourself with the right people and a healthy environment (a little like our Mental authority folk) because you mirror the environment and people around you! 

So curate those friends and advisors who you trust and can bounce your thrusts off during the 28-day cycle - as you hear yourself, you will come to that deep inner knowing and be able to make energetically correct decision that’s right for you!

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