What is Human Design?

It's effin awesome, that's what it is! But really, Human Design helps you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It was more of a validation of what I had always felt when I discovered mine. That mighty AH-HA! moment - or - 'I knew I wasn't bonkers loving loads of things and having heaps of energy!'  (I'm a Manifesting Generator)

Essentially, it is a map of you - an energetic blueprint and personalised ‘how to’ manual - that shares what you are on earth to do, how best suits you to do it, how to make decisions, communicate, your natural strengths, and so much more! The truth is, we are all perfectly designed, but we can end up further away from this because of constructs and conditioning from those around us, society, narratives we believe in.

The way I see it, Human Design gives you the framework and an invitation to see yourself clearly - with real-eyes - so very open. It is all about self-knowledge, inherent wisdom and skills, and remembrance that our very body intelligence will guide us to making the right decisions.

It invites you to try on the insight provided about your unique energy and delivers powerful info about ourselves, plus tools that show us how to integrate it into our everyday lives.

It is not about predicting your future. It is not about fixing you. You are not broken. You are perfectly formed and designed, but the waters may be a little muddied. Therefore, Human Design allows us to embrace our true essence, connect with our soul purpose, and step into our own truth again. Sans beliefs, conditioning, programming, constructs that may have been given by the world around us, family and experience.

How do I find out my Human Design?

You'll create a BodyGraph (for free) aka Human Design chart using your birth date, time and place to unveil your genetic design. For me, and many other Human Design lovers, readers, and teachers, the most practical and powerful part of it is your authority which is all about making the best decisions for you.
This was the biggest AH-HA moment for me- when I really leant into my body's wisdom and intelligence, I started to ride my emotional wave and buy time before choosing to do something or not—liberating AF!

Where did Human Design come from?

I am not gonna lie, the sceptic in me questioned Human Design's essence and truth (more on the eight-day channelling in Ibiza below), but my body felt it was right, and when I was knee-deep, learning about my chart, I was blown away by its accuracy.

The master system was 'founded' by Alan Robert Krakower, who published a book called The Human Design System under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu in 1992.

In January 1987, he had an unusual mystical experience followed by an encounter with "a Voice," an intelligence far superior to anything he had ever experienced. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights during which he received a transmission of information—what is known today as the "Human Design System." via Joavian Archive. 

My reference to scepticism was due to stories about Ibiza and drugs - which, whilst the island is somewhat known for partying and narcotics, it is also known for its magic and mystical vibes and energy - Pacha, Defected, and Bora Bora aside.

I learned that Ra avoided sharing his paranormal experience and its implications in the beginning. He began vigorously denying anything about it until, eventually, people succeeded in getting him to share his experience.

As someone who has studied Human Design, read hundreds of charts for friends, family and clients, and experimented with it via my own energetic blueprint and life, I am a true believer.

What does Human Design comprise of?

It's a fusion of ancient modalities and science: astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, the Chinese iChing, Kabbalah's 'Tree of Life', genetics and quantum physics. It isn't a religion (I have been asked!). It doesn't have rituals or any stance on God. It's been likened to a personality inventory system that helps guide and assist with a deeper understanding of how one could operate in the world for better success and alignments, often referred to as 'the new astrology'.

What we don't want is anyone becoming dogmatic. 
Human Design.
Menstrual Cycle Syncing.  
No modality or system can outweigh your body wisdom, intelligence and inner knowing. This, inside of you, is where you need to be guided from.

The thing is, sometimes you're so muddied by everyone and everything else that you cannot see your magic and such modalities and their teachers and guides can help you see again (I can help you with this).

How do I learn more about my own Human Design?

It's safe to say when you create your chart as a noob to HD, you may struggle to make head or tail of it. Alas, there is lots of amazing content on the internet, and people, like myself, who read charts and deliver a digestible explanation for all of your inherent magic and power!

A Human Design reading will typically give you insight into your unique energetic blueprint. It does not tell you your future (yes, I heard that before!).

It tells you about:
- WHO your soul is and came here to be
- the gifts and strengths you have inherently in you
- tell-tale signs you're off-piste energetically and emotionally
- where you are prone to input and conditioning from the outside world
- how to make decisions that are guided by your type of intuition and body intelligence
- and so much more! 

Don't know what your Human Design is?

Visit  this free tool - mybodygraph.com and get to know yourself a little more deeply

You'll need your:
- date of birth
- place of birth 
- time of birth -
 it's important to be as precise as possible.

Below you'll see an example of mine - it might look a bit out there - fear not, that's why I learned to read charts to share your magic with you to make it digestible and simple.

Find out more and buy a Human Design Reading Video Package.

Example Human Design Chart  mybodygraph