Part of, what I refer to as the foundations of Human Design, is your Energy Type -  one of three of the most important parts of living in alignment and embodying your unique Human Design.

Your energy type is all about how you engage with the world around you~ and with that ~ your Strategy, which all about how you win, achieve and align with all the things we want in life.

I am not gonna lie to you good people, this was like a HAAAAUGE lightbulb went off when I discovered this alone. I remember having a chat with a friend who said, you do and share so much, I was like, YASSSSSS!!!! KAAAAWEEEEEEN!!!! I am a ManGen, don't ya know! We love to do lots - extreme builders of society - heaps of energy, can pivot twist and turn like a ballerina (less grace) and we tend to have many interests. BOOM!

There are Five Energy Types and Four Strategies (#sharesies)

Manifestor - Human Design

You are designed to initiate in the world and are a powerful influencer, an unintentional leader. Many of us are conditioned to think this is what we are all meant to do, but you are the only energy type designed to (and you're only 8% of the world's population!!)

You can charge through life with grace and ease, sparking big change and evolution, not needing anyone to get behind you, but you must inform (your strategy) those around you to avoid headaches. It helps mitigate your dipping into anger when confronted by those around you - which is a tell-tale sign you're off-piste and out of energetic correctness!

You need a lot of freedom and control. Don't shrink to make others feel comfortable - you are designed to go big with power, enthusiasm and brilliance! Take stock, though; your energy works in ebbs and flows, learn how that feels and take rest when you need it.

Put simply, you don't need to justify your choices, which can be challenging, but the more unapologetic you are, the more magnetic you are. Your gift to the world is innovating and getting things off the ground - have a team around you who can support its evolution - you aren't meant to do it alone or all the way through.

Remember, informing people isn't asking permission or people-pleasing, it will be your biggest support if you allow it to be.

For those of us who aren't Manifestors: Do not question a Manifestor's initiation, creation or tell them what to do. No. Nee. Nicht. This will not end well. Ever.

Generator - Human Design

You are designed to respond (strategy) to life which comes from the gut, the sacral, that life force energy within your body. This takes a little patience to see what life offers you - people, opportunities, activities, places to visit etc. - then trust your beautifully reliable gut instinct to guide you toward that YES or NO.

You are here to lift the world's energy, but you are not here to be the worker bee. Your job is not to make others happy or figure out how to help people. Instead, do what lights you up and makes you happy by only doing what your gut says a "HELL YEAH!" to - that will help, energise and uplift us all!

Remember, you light up the world when you light up. Your warm radiating presence shines out to those around you and uplifts them - this makes the world an all-around better place.

For those of us who aren't Generators: Don't expect them to help ALL OF THE TIME juuuuuust cos they are energy beings. They gotta do what lights them up and are allowed to say no. It's likely from the sacral.

Allow it!

Manifesting Generator - Human Design

You are a hybrid of the Manifestor and Generator, but you are designed to respond (strategy), like our (pure) Generators, with a dash of initiation if your chart points more that way. 

You don't do things the conventional way; you change your mind, act quickly, pivot (if you don't picture Ross in friends when you read this, I don't know if I can be your pal), act on impulse do so many different things. You are an express builder of society - embrace the shizzle out that - a multi-passionate human, not one to be pinned down! Thanks to your Manifestor edge, which means you can visualise and then intimate, but only AFTR your gut has responded. This requires patience - wait, then act.

Show the world how you follow fun and excitement and normalise the fuck out of non-commitment. Remember, just because you're energetic and capable doesn't mean you're here to push through and give away your power. You're well within your MG rights to 'test the water' to see if the thing you're responding to is for you. This doesn't make you flakey, and those around you need to realise this - because you are designed to course-correct, leave or change direction if you need to,

Be FULLY you through play, rule-breaking and making no sense.

For those of us who aren't Manifestor Generators: Allow your MG pals and loved ones to change their minds, dart across the room from one thing to the next, follow their passions, piviooooot, and take the non-linear path so they can only understand it once it unfolds before them. They are designed to defy what society says about success and how to get there. Let them do what makes no sense. Let them quit halfway through. Let them show us how to live a life beyond limits.

Projector - Human Design

You are designed to wait for the invitation (strategy) and to be recognised, which can be tricky thanks to the world’s narrative: ‘just go for it!’. Shake that narrative off cos it doesn't apply to you!

You are the guides of society, with a capacity to see how to improve systems, processes, methods and people. You make excellent coaches, teachers, leaders and CEOs thanks to that perspective from above and objectivity in delivery.

Don’t fall prey to pushing for invites or trying to keep up with the MGs and Gs of the world. You are a 'non-energy' being, meaning you get your power from others around - curate it well - and also, take rest when you need it.

Your magic is seeing how we can do things better, and you can shine that light by doing more of what you love, and then you’ll be recognised and invited. Make yourself visible - share your words, art, services and magic - so that you get invited by those who recognise you in all your glory!

For those of us who aren't Projectors: Yes, projectors need rest, and we need to honour that by shedding light when they may be overworking, but we must also know that they have energy for what they love to do, and post-rest, their magnificence is even brighter!

Our job is to tell them what we adore and admire about them by honouring their brilliance, asking for their opinions, and valuing what they add to our lives. They need our words of praise and applause - shower them with recognition!

Reflector - Human Design

You are rare, and we are lucky to have you in your beautiful design of the shapeshifter, showing others who they indeed are. You are meant to wait for a lunar cycle - 28-days - before making big decisions. Don't get too hung up on what topping to have on your pizza and starve; focus on the more important decisions (some might argue pizza topping is up there, I know!). When embodying your strategy, life will feel magical and surprising. The latter is of utmost importance - because this is when you are in full flow and discovering the beauty of life with a surprising smile on your face and love in your heart.

Try not to define yourself as 'one way'. Instead, embrace that you might feel, think and be different tomorrow - you are designed to be misty and floaty. It is super healthy for you to be a chameleon in your identity and environment. Because you so easily take on the identity and desire of others, it is paramount you give yourself space and time to ensure you reach your own clarity as to avoid disappointments.

You are here to be of service to others because everyone can see themselves clearly in the Reflector, but boundaries are 100% necessary. 

Remember, you need time and space to yourself; when you feel good in a place, that's your tell-tale sign you're in the right place. Being completely undefined in all your energy centres, it is also essential you curate both humans and the environment you're in. 

For those of us who aren't Reflectors: Don't pressure them to make a decision or try and change them, and don't make them feel like they need to have only one identity. Reflectors are designed to morph and change depending on their environment, and THIS is their true power.

Let's give them the time and space to be fully themselves!

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Below you'll see an example of mine - it might look a bit out there - fear not, that's why I learned to read charts to share your magic with you to make it digestible and simple.

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