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Oh, heeeey! Manifesting Generator with a 4/6 profile and an emotional authority over here. And you?

You might be reading this donning your rabbit in headlights look, mouthing WTAF! Fear not ~ it's pretty simple to digest when you know how, and I know how! In a nutshell, Human Design is our unique (one in two billion HD charts are the same) energetic blueprint -your own personal storybook and  'how to do life' manual.

Find out more about:

~ What is Human Design?
~ How do I find out my Human Design?
~ Where Human Design came from?
~ What is the Human Design system made up of?

Check it out the blog post all about what Human Design is here.

Personally, discovering my Human Design was an absolute game-changer! After many years of personal growth, development, energy work, healing, trying on and experimenting, it was the missing piece of liberation. To the naked, non-HD Reader eye, it can look complex. That's why I have learned this epic system, and I deliver Human Design Life & Business Integration Deep Dive Sessions in a digestible way so you can get it, embody it and grab hold of practices and methods to live in your design.

During your reading, we explore the themes which are alive in you, the skills and qualities you have and can lean on to access your greatest potency to be who you really are! You'll walk away nourished and guided with HD as beautiful support in your life. 

To do your Human Design Reading, I require the following details beforehand

- date of birth
- place of birth 
- time of birth - it's important to be as precise as possible.

If you don't know these, ask a family member, consult or look at your birth cert. To create your free chart, go to 

If you're a coach, mentor, or leader of humans in any way, I highly recommend Human Design Readings for your folks. Hit me up, and let's talk about what you need and how this can enhance your customers and your life!Email me:

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