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Human Design with Nicola Cloherty
Nicola Cloherty - Mentor Human Design and Female Cycle Syncing

Oh, hey 👋🏼 Manifesting Generator, with a 4/6 profile and an emotional authority over here. And you?

You might be reading this with a face like a rabbit in headlights. Fear not - it's pretty simple to digest when you know how. ​

What is Human Design?
In a nut shell, is our unique (one in two billion HD charts are the same) energetic blueprint - turns out there is a 'how to do life' manual after all!

It is a beautiful mix of ancient wisdom, art and science. We have five modalities in one master system - the  Chakra System, The Kabbalah Tree of Light, the Chinese I-Ching, Astrology and Quantum Physics. 

Diving into your Human Design tells more about what you are here on earth to do, how you are here to do it and how to energetically engage with life - it's a master system, with five mini systems that tell you who you are designed to be so you can live your truest, most aligned life.
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Human Design Reading
Individual Human Design Reading with Nicola Cloherty

90-minute personalised, individual reading of your Human Design BodyGraph. 

We'll dive into the most essential aspects of your chart so you can start living in your design - knowing this incredible information will help guide you in your decision making as well as giving space to live as your truest self.

HD is a practical and beautiful way to live your life in the way that your soul has likely felt and desired all your life, but perhaps you haven't fully embraced or embodied yet. During your reading, we will explore the themes alive in you, the skills and qualities you have and can lean on to access your greatest potency to be who you really are!

You'll walk away nourished and guided with HD as a beautiful support in your life. I invite you to play with your design ~ try it on, see how it fits.

The Package
- Pre-reading videos on HD basics
- Personalised 90-minute Reading via Zoom - recorded and sent to you within two days.
- Follow up email and application plan

Cost: €195

Discovering my Human Design was an absolute game-changer! After many many years of personal growth, development, energy work, healing, trying-on and experimenting, I became truly liberated! It, for me, has been a validating license to be unapologetically me. I trained, under the wonderful Brittany Eastman, to read HD charts and understand all aspects of it so I can inform and empower more women to live out their purpose in this lifetime. One of the things I've loved the most, is that it helps me make decisions that are best for me!

To find out your unique Human Design free of charge, simply head to and enter the following details:
- date of birth
- place of birth 
- time of birth - super important to be precise

1:1 Mentoring Programmes with Nicola Cloherty

I also mentor womxn over a 6 or 12 month period so they can live in their true centre and alignment, with true happiness and joy in their hearts, by reflecting upon your own personal timeline of where your power may have been taken away, unpicking and diving deeper into your unique Human Design, and living and loving their female biology and energy, to live in-sync with who they truly are and become #UnapologeticallySelfish 

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