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I shed a tear today…

I shed a tear today. Right now in fact, as I stand barefoot looking out at the water that stretches to the left and right; as far as my eyes can see. I’m listing to the water hitting the shore. It’s calm. The sun glistens on the water with a chill in the air. I […]

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Breaking the Menstrual Taboo

Breaking the Menstrual TabooAmsterdam Event – Saturday 28th MarchI AM A WOMAN.I BLEED.SO DOES OVER 50% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION.FACT. Y’all I know I love me some talk about menstruation!! All things women’s health, hormones, cycles and energy just make my ovaries sing to the sweet hum of #Day19OfMyMenstrualCycle – and I’m not afraid to share […]

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Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?A LinkedIn post from July 2017I just stumbled across a post I published on LinkedIn in July 2017. WOWSA! It is still so relevant today, so I thought I would share it with you! ‘A fellow network marketer shared this interesting read about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies and the freedom they offer people – particularly […]

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